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Crazy Lollipop Lady

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JP, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Well you would think a person who's job it is to control traffic would have a decent grasp on road rules.
    Almost home after a nice ride through the Royal National Park, approach the roundabout near my home. There's a small hatchback in front of me, and over the top of it, I can see cars coming to a stop to the left of us. The hatchback enters, and so do I. The hatch makes it to the other side and I'm about halfway through when a Toyota Hilux starts to rapidly enter from the left. I hit the brakes, come to a stop. In the meantime, the car behind the Hilux had beeped to alert the driver. Ok, and this is where I get angry. As the lady in the Hilux goes through, I look at her face. She isn't showing any sign of recognising what she just did was wrong, add to that the fact she has her iPod headphones in, she didn't hear the car behind beep. I also notice she's the traffic controller who has been directing traffic up the road whilst they do some road works (I've seen her on my afternoon jogs).


    Well sorry, but that's not good enough. So I exit the roundabout, and take a side street, and head back to where they are doing road works. I find her picking up cones around the site, and I pull up and flip up my visor.
    ...*waits for her to pause her iPod
    Me: Yea hi, you just cut me off at the roundabout, didn't you look before you entered:
    Crazy lady: What are you talking about?
    Me: You cut me off, as in you didn't see me on the roundabout already.
    Crazy lady: Sorry I mustn't have seen you.
    Me: I figured. A car behind you beeped at you to stop.
    Crazy Lady: I didn't hear anything.
    Me: And why do you think that is? *points to iPod
    Crazy Lady: *Shrugs shoulders, and mumbles a sorry.
    Me: I don't think you understand, you could have seriously injured me.

    She apologises again, and I tell her its fine, ask her to look twice when entering roundabouts (would have been nice if she looked just once) and ride off.

    So I'm now thinking what I can do so this doesn't happen again. Perhaps she didn't see me stopped behind the hatch, but I waited for the hatch to enter before I did, so she would have had a clear view of me. I wouldn't have been so angry if she had at least acknowledged me there. I was so irritated a person could be so oblivious to their surroundings.
    Otherwise I had an awesome day :grin:
  2. report her to the company she is employed by as if she is wearing an iPod she cannot be aware of her surrounds while doing her job and putting the company at risk of trouble with Workcover......
  3. Atleast she didnt try to defend herself hard, maybe your decent approach may have got through, well we can always hope it did!
  4. Same thing happened to me in Mornington (Racecourse rd and Morno Tyabb) roundabout.
    Ute comes from the left about 70 klicks while I'm on the roundabout.
    Wizzes past me as I hit the brakes, and the lady turns her head to give me a friendly 'cluck off'


    Anyways she wasn't such a smartypants after I went to her place of work that was all over the Ute and made a formal complaint!

    Roundabouts can be deadly!!

  5. she wasn't doing her job at the time of the incident so that approach is useless.
  6. Yea, that's a good point. I never had any intention of reporting her, because it had nothing to do with work. I just knew where to find her because of her uniform and the car. But still, you would think a person with a job like that would have more common sense.
  7. nicely handled :cool:

    I wonder though; perhaps it wasn't that she completely failed to see you, but instead that she was simply too embarrassed to make eye-contact after a goof like that.

    I've had similar incidents, and there's simply no way that someone could be so oblivious to my frantic post-event gesturing & honking :)
  8. I had a driver almost force me into another car because she changed lanes right on top of me without indicating or anything. She probably didn't hear my horn honk either. I followed her for 15 minutes because she was going my general direction untill she turned into her driveway. I followed the car in a non aggressive manner and just wanted to have a little chat with the driver. I was expecting her to drive to a police station or somewhere with a few big guys waiting for me not her home, alone.

    I got off the bike and took off my helmet and approached her announcing my presence before i got close to her. I still ended up startling her because she was totally obvious to the fact that a bike with bright headlights was followed her for the last 15 minutes through multiple streets with many turns on almost deserted roads at night. I explained to her how she could have killed me earlier. She apparently didn't see me because she was coming home after a long shift and was tired :roll: I told her that she shouldn't be driving if she was that tired as it's a danger to other road users and to be more careful on the road next time. I don't think it was an act but she did look genuinely surprised and was at least apologetic.

    I still can't believe that she didn't realise a bike was following her that whole time and it's sad that drivers like her are on the road daily. That's what i would call crazy not someone who doesn't see you for a brief moment at a roundabout.
  9. Well done!
    I think in this situation we are in control only of three things: our road position (to make us as much visible as possible), speed and brakes (if they still failed to see us)...we can't change their minds...
    Read traffic, anticipate, be aware and be prepaired.
    Similar thing happend to me yesterday. I was taking right turn at the roundabout. Almost finished and prepared to accelerate and exit...split second before I rolled throttle on old fart in POS ute decided to cut me off. Applied brakes instead of throttle, as the ute was going through I looked at his face...no signs of any acknolegment that he sees anything on his right...stupid stone face looking straight ahead... :(
  10. But she was a little later on though...

  11. [​IMG]

    ipods have nothing on this.

    canary's do though