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Crazy Lady vs Telemarketer

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Jul 22, 2006.

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  2. Bet that made his day
  3. One crazy lady.

    I look forward to telemarketer calls. I mess with em. I put them on hold for long periods of time, I repeat everything they say, I pretend I'm a 5 year old, all sorts of fun to be had with telemarketers!

    That lady's gonna give herself a stroke getting herself all wound up like that.
  4. Got a call from a telemarketer last night. As all such calls come from overseas, we can't afford to ignore them, like we do with ones that say "Private", as we have family O/S. Anyway, picked it up. Immediately you can tell that it's a call centre as the connection sounds like crap and it takes a few secs before you hear anyone speak.

    The presumably Filipino woman came on and started prattling about cheaper power. I said, "sorry, I don't need any deals. I work for a power station so I get it for free.". She paused for a second and I hung up on her.

    Also get calls that immediately start with "all our operators are busy. Sorry to inconvenience you. You have been placed in a qu...." [click]. Damned annoying.

    Anyway, all callers with blocked caller ID go to the answering machine. Used to have a message that said, "Your call has gone to the answering machine because you have blocked caller ID or we're genuinely are unable to take the call. So, if you think that your call is important to us, then you can leave your details. For everyone else, sorry about that."

    The missus removed it.
  5. Life's too short and time's too precious to waste with these dodos

    I just say "I'm sorry I don't buy anything over the phone and I don't participate in surveys". Click.
  6. i can get up to 5 indian telemarketers a day. they do their best to pretend they're not telemarkas. i ask 'are you trying to sell me something? [i get lots o drs and staff ring me so i have to be sure its not one o those calls] and they say no. that ticks me off.

    if your in a mean mood, let em talk and dont buy anything. that way you saved someone else a phone call.

    WARNING, there is a scam going around at the mo, you get a misst call on ya mobile and when you return the call its a telemarkata. the worst part is the cost o you call is $9.00.
  7. I don't waste much of my time usually. The call usually goes something like this:

    Them: "Hello, Is Mr (my name) there please?"

    Me: "Hang on, I'll go get him for you"

    Then I place the phone down. About 10 or 20 minutes later (or whenever I remember) I hang up.

    I figure their international calls must cost them something. I'm hoping if they waste enough of their money this way, they may stop doing it. If nothing else, it makes me feel better.

    (I sometimes wonder what they think of all the shooting and grenade explosions in the background when I go back to playing Day of Defeat while they're holding)
  8. i have a friend who uses "adult" dvds for the same purpose...
  9. I'm with mjt. All private and unavailable numbers are screened by the answering machine - the message even says so.

    I got duped by a door to door survey guy the other day. He didn't even introduce himself, just launched straight into a water conservation survey... which soon turned into a water quality survey... which soon turned into a what I know about water filtering survey... and you guessed it... it was nothing but a foot in the door, "here read our brochure and buy our product" push.

    I heard about the missed calls on the mobile thing. Don't generally return missed calls on the mobile unless it's a known number. I figure if they wanted to talk to me, they woud have left a message or they'll call back.


  10. :grin: I'll have to remember that one!