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Crazy John - John Ilhan - dead at 42 !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. OMG :shock:

    Whilst out jogging, he dropped dead.

    Click Here
  2. :shock: :shock:

    Just goes to prove what the old Book says, don't boast about tomorrow, because you don't know what a day will bring forth.

    Also proves how dangerous jogging is; remember Jim Fix???
  3. See exercise is dangerous..
    It could even kill ya
  4. Jeebus, I was just watching an interview about him last night :shock:
  5. John Ilhan was a self made man who did anything except forget his roots and what made him what he was. He was a generous man, a sincere man. He was not corporate raider, he was not a shady business man.

    He started and self funded foundation into Child Anaphalaxis research.

    He was a good bloke. Condolences to his family and loved ones.

    RIP John :(
  6. Far out.

    You can go at any time.

    :arrow: go bikes!
  7. Agree
  8. Yeah heard this morning from my wife, she works for Crazy Johns and it has hit hard! He was a flawed but generous man and Australia will be the poorer without him. A new Australian who showed that one man can make a difference.

    I command all people to ring someone today and tell them how you feel, life is always too short.

    RIP John.
  9. :shock: So young, very sad news. :( RIP John.
  10. Are puns ok yet?
  11. Crazy ?
  12. How about waiting until his body's cold, hey?

    Terrible for his family. Four kids, including an 8-month old.

  13. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? :LOL:
  14. Mobile Phone Mogul 'Drops Out' ???
  15. Yeah - Im in shock... :shock:

    I just heard the news recently and after watching a story about him last night, was saddened to hear how someone can just go so quickly...

  16. [​IMG]
  17. +1

    Can't believe whats happened.

    He was on TV just the other night saying how he was struggling to get
    over the death of his brother & then his mother.

  18. Wow. I just heard Ross and John mention this on 3AW now. I missed watching tv last night. 42 is way too young. He had 4 kids and youngest one was 8 months old. Thats an waful thing to happen. He was a great philanthropist and started the allergy fund after he found his daughter was allergic to peanuts. A young, handsome, vibrant, hard working man, and an inspiration to many. You just never know do you? Thats why I still ride a bike.
  19. John Ilhan loved his family more than anything

    Roger Franklin
    October 27, 2007 12:00am

    MOURNERS in their thousands, from close friends to complete strangers,
    bore tearful witness yesterday as Patricia Ilhan bid farewell to her soul-

    Shielded behind a pink headscarf and sunglasses, the widow of mobile phone
    millionaire John Ilhan led their three young daughters through the grieving
    throng to his casket.

    Then, in keeping with Muslim tradition, they moved away so prayers could

    In the order of service, Ms Ilhan wrote that her husband had been the family's
    "inspiration and rock".

    "He loved his family more than anything. We always came first. We saw the man
    who cared so much about people,"
    she said.

    Daughters Jaida, Hannah and Yasmin and son Aydin would forever cherish the
    times they'd played with their dad.

    "I will remember we were true soulmates -- he always knew what I was thinking."

    Ali and Nezarket Ilhan, who were holidaying in Turkey when their son died of
    a heart attack on Tuesday, were among a huge tide of 4000-odd mourners
    who forced police to block the road outside the Broadmeadows mosque.

    People overflowed into the car park and cascaded over the footpath and out
    into the street. Some knelt there and bowed towards Mecca.

    Among the crowd was NAB chief Ahmed Fahour and cricket great Shane Warne,
    who came with estranged wife Simone Callahan.

    Yet it wasn't the celebrities who gave the day its special flavour. The remark-
    able thing was that, while many knew Ilhan personally, legions of those who
    turned out under the morning's grey skies had never even exchanged a word
    with him.

    Many came in sharp suits or designer dresses, but just as many were in their
    work clothes, jeans and T-shirts emblazoned with the names of local panel
    beaters, cleaning outfits or shops.

    They were there, they explained, to hail a man whose quiet example inspired
    their own efforts to make it in their new homeland, and whose gusto for life
    set an example that helped bring communities together.

    Eddie McGuire, who returned to the old neighbourhood where both men grew
    up, said the man behind the Crazy John's empire jammed more into his 42 years
    than 10 people, and was a hard bloke not to like.

    "John didn't care where people came from. And today, people came not just be-
    cause it was the right thing to do but because John was a friend to all,"
    he said.

    Grief: Patricia Ihan (in sunglasses) looks on as daughter Yasmin gets
    a hug from her grandmother.

    Picture: Ian Currie
    Source: Herald Sun Newspaper