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Crazy idea - can it work?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boosted2000, Jul 28, 2014.

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    On the TV the other week they showed a repeat of Jorge Lorenzo's famous leap into the lake after winning the 2011 Jerez GP:

    A mate and I commented it would be a bit of fun to do a charity swim Lorenzo style, i.e. get sponsored to do a few laps in race garb. Googled it and it has been repeated where he was challenged by Munoz:

    Could it be done? Before all the negative comments start about ruining this and can't this and can't that, relax it's nothing more than a Saturday afternoon idea after a few beers and for the record I have old suits that wouldn't pass scrutineering anymore and helmets over 5 years old, so no gear would be harmed in the making of this film.

    By the way, my suit is full of foam protection so chances are I'd float lol, Lorenzo did, so don't bother with the "you'll sink" comments, watch the video.

    Thoughts? Anyone got a pool, I'd do it for a laugh and to give a few bucks to charity
  2. Only one way to find out...
  3. Darwinian theory?
  4. Ir could work, you need to specify a charity prior to the attempt and a target figure you want to reach.. Making it a motorcycle related charity would be a good publicity angle. As you are in Victoria I would suggest Royal Talbot hospital who do a lot of work in helping riders rehabilitate after a bad accident. A web site to allow people to make on line donations. Publicity prior to the event, etc. etc. If you want to get maximum for your charity it would need an appropriate lead in time and management.

    Give it a go, but if you are going to do it then don't do it in half measure.
  5. How did a theory of evolution end up quoted in a light hearted charity idea string?

    I know the theory well I studied it, not sure of the relevance but if you apply it to this scenario you are saying it's a brilliant idea as it theorises that our species is getting smarter with each generation, otherwise thanks titus and cjvfr might have to wait until summer for this one lol
  6. It was a joke relating to the Darwin Awards. If Lorenzo had sunk, (leather is heavy, heavier when wet), everybody would have said it was a stupid thing to do. As he demonstrated that you can float, I ask "what happens to leather cladders' farts?" I also wonder if he slipped and fell into the water.....
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