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Crazy F*cking Geek

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by lowercase, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. #1 lowercase, Jul 7, 2010
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    you MUST watch these... incredible... this guy is just completely insane... and over-the-top scary psychopath serial killer geek. It's not an act. At first I thought it was, but then found the second video.



  2. Haha, he's drinking milk from a wine glass.
  3. haha, i know, right! check all the comments - all "spam" lol =D>
  4. Ha yeah, all marked as spam.

    It's entertaining, to say the least.....

    But I really don't think that part about his "nine inches of solid snake" was necessary at all.

  5. and the guy sucking him off?

    or the sleeping with the boss thing? :p

    did you read the comments on the second one? ended up the crazy nerd DID have the date wrong the entire ****ing time LOL ... actually, i think they probably changed the release date BECAUSE of him and his craziness..
  6. Lol, funny shit!
  7. Ahaha, only in his wildest fantasies, while he plays final fantasy. Who, male or female, in their right mind would go near him, let alone when he has his pants down................... I couldn't understand most of what he was going on about until he seemed calm down a bit near the end anyway.

    And yeah, the date was wrong. What a stooge.

    Something is very, very wrong with this person.

    Too much milk I think. :D
  8. Yep.....that was a wasted 30secs of my life. Did you seriously watch all of BOTH vids? o_O
  9. hell yeah! i was pissing myself laughing... can't you see the funny side of it devo?
  10. That guy gives geeks everywhere a bad name.

    We are not all creepy weirdos who have glasses, are insanely good a smash brothers, and drink milk from a wine glass while ranting about things that big companies do that annoy us.

    Some of us drink wine from the wine glass.
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    Although I did PMSL at this vid for some weird reason:

    And also its shorter. ;)
  12. @Devo - I found that really lame :-s
  13. This guy is clearly not a geek, he is a nerd. Please reframe from mixing the two up and is shines poorly on the awesomeness that is geek-hood.
  14. My apologies, Sir Geek! ;)
  15. He makes you wet, doesnt he?
  16. See lowercase...different strokes for different folks.

    Yeah...totally...I've had cups of water drier than what he makes me. :-s
  17. Actually, good point. I present this, for reference:

  18. +over 9000 Jirf
  19. ..I couldnt watch him all the way through!!... argh!!.. A$$hole!!
  20. It was good enough for Clockwork Orange!