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Crazy Driver Rant

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by conspiracytheorist, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. So I have my dads car for a week whilst he's in france, so I took the long way to work today to see what a modern car is like in some twisty stuff. Unfortunately its a wagon, so it handles pretty much the same as my sh!tbox hatchback.. except that the commodore wagon doesn't tripod in corners :LOL:

    Anyway, going up to church point, the car in front eventually turns off so I start push a little bit. When I pass the turnoff for the national park, this ute with a boat pulls out in front of me and I think oh great now I'll be stuck here forever. BUT he absolutely canes it the whole way up. I'm struggling to keep up (but to be fair I'm I'm terrible at going fast). He goes 1.5-2 metres into the other side of the road (we're talking poor quality road surface and no visibility around corners), basically taking a racing line throughout the whole road - Keep in mind he has a speedboat on the trailer!! Luckily there were no cars coming around as he was doing this crazy $hit, but if there had it could have very very easily caused and accident - and this road isn't quite at this time of day.

    I decided I needed to say something or at least report him. Unfortunately his plate was covered by the trailer and he didn't have a plate on the trailer. Also he turned off to go a different way (I was on the way to work), so theres nothing I can do now about it. Yes on that road people always go into the other lane, but I've never seen anyone go fully into the other lane around blind corners, and with a trailered boat! Was a POS old ute too..

    And breathe. :grin:

  2. You were in a Commodore. He thought you were the police.

    He was running.
  3. I was right behind him, sporting big green Ps.
  5. Save the Whale, drive their boats off the road! :grin:
  6. If only.. driving this lump of $hit a reasonable amount has shown me how 'rough' commodores really are. The engine is ruined by the totally unrefined transmission, my $hitbox is 10x smoother.

    But I guess rough and uncouth and unrefined are what muscley cars are about. Does have quite decent power (although for a 5L they've extracted a minimum amount of hp from it), but has to be revving highish to get to it (like 4000ish). Its an auto as well and it seems to be designed for maximum fuel economy even on power shift, gets into 4th (top) gear at terribly low speeds, leaving you with no power when you need it, and when it does finally shift down to give you some power - its a body wrenching shift.. Grrr. Whats wrong with a freakn manual... holden make so few manual crappydoors :( I wouldn't mind if their auto wasn't so retarded..
  7. I suspect it's because it's much harder for people who can't drive properly, and would have difficulty with the technical nuances of a wheelbarrow, to break the drivetrain of an auto through sheer incompetence or clumsiness and then make a huge warranty claim.

    Historically, auto boxes have been tougher than manuals, they eliminate several possible failure modes by not using a friction clutch and they give the downstream componentry an easier time.

    At one time, it was also considered impossible to make a manual gearbox that could cope with the torque of a big engine without a truck like gearchange action, and similarly a clutch that could do so and still be operable by the average driver in traffic. Not so much the case nowadays though so I'd go for the "idiot proofing" explanation.
  8. Yep :wink:
  9. This reminds me of driving home last night and a fcuktard in a new red holden barina? on Springvale Road heading to Frankston Fwy.

    He'd been sitting on my ass for a while, (nevermind the fact I COULDN'T go any faster sue to the big muther frucker truck right in front of me), until he finally cracked it and went and tailgated everyone else on the road.

    Caught up to him a bit later, and found him tailgating a lil' red bike with a P plate. Was trying to get in between him and the bike so I could brake and give the bike some space, but before I got over there the biker finally cracked the shits enough and motioned for him to back off. He of course, didn't. I was in the left lane, they were in the far right. Saw the bike move to the middle lane, I waited a min and could see the car deciding whether to move into the lane too, so I quickly zipped in so the bike had some room.

    Absolute fool. Tailgating absolutely everyone, yet i caught up to, and passed him on numerous occassions :roll:
  10. ^^^ you get those f***tards on the road, I just dont understand why the coppers dont harrass these guys hard, theyre actions are really dangerous.
  11. Would help if they were around I guess....but that being said, if they were, he most likely wouldn't be being suck a fcukstickle :roll:
  12. Driving through Sydney I see almost every type of moronic driver.
    My highlight was a woman in a small car tailgate me in my car, as I was stuck behind a slow car. I changed lanes as I have no time for morons like her. At the next set of lights she put her window down and yelled at the slow car that was now in front of her "excuse me would you mind doing the speed limit".
    Needless to say the car kept dawdling along in semi-peak hour traffic and she did random acts of lane changing to get as far in front as possible, which at the lights 2km down the road was 2 cars in front of me.

    My mum has experienced a suitably stupid woman in a 4WD. On the freeway with an empty right lane the 4WD tailgated her, for her entertainment she backed the cruise control down gradually until she was doing 20km under the speed limit. The woman in the 4WD realised that she was going slow overtook her and sat on the back of the car in front.

    Ahh the fools of Sydney and I choose to ride with them!
  13. half the fun of doing so many kms a year travelling as a crew, is having radio contact with all my vehicles. we do coordinated attacks on moron drivers :LOL:
    i love being the kicker in my "unmarked" work car, and setting them up to be boxed in between 2 trucks :cool:
    ahhh, the fun.
  14. I love that stuff,Joel. Am I cruel? Do I need help? .....probably
  15. umm....because it's more difficult and less profitable than speed - sorry, "road safety" cameras?
  16. I had a similar thing a couple of years ago on Kissing Pt Rd, in Sydney.

    One of my mates was on his new 250 with L-plates showing, and some tool in a grey Pulsar was following him way too closely.

    I merged in behind my friend's bike. The Pulsar didn't want to let me in, but what he wanted wasn't particularly important as I was driving this: