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Crazy Cagers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jawntybull, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I was riding to work this week, and as usual waited until the cars had stopped before filtering forward. I couldn't get all the way through so stopped a few cars from the front. Next thing you know, the car on my right is inching forward very close to me. I feel the front wheel rub against the outside of my boot, then watch as the car mirror pushes against my handlebar end, scratches, and folds in. No damage to my bike; metal on plastic is no contest.

    QUE? This cager was clearly annoyed that I had stopped in front of them and was so determined to push forward that they sacrificed their mirror!

    I have long ago banned myself from aggression on the roads, so all I did was turn and stare into the front window. The guy in the passenger seat was mouthing "sorry" to me while the young woman in the driver seat stared fixedly ahead.

    Perhaps some domestic strife coming?

    Anyway my day improved as two other drivers further down the highway pulled to the side to let me through whilst filtering. Of course by then the first crazy cager was long behind me.

    Anyone else had cager experiences that just don't make sense????
  2. i had a very similar thing happen to me not long back. i find filtering can be precarious if you cant make it to the front and theres no decent gap to get back into the main lane between the cars.

    i dont really like being in that position because you're really left counting on the car drivers being courteous and letting you in.

    i reckon if your gonna choose to filter then you gotta take the rough with the smooth
  3. I have had similar (not same) experiences. I had one guy toot at me then lurch his car forward, turning toward me so he was half in front of me. I sat up, turned, looked at him and shook my head as if to say "no, not going to happen" then inched past him. When the light when green and the car in front of him moved even the slightest bit, I launched forward very quickly (almost just a pop of the clutch really) and then aggressively swerved directly in front of him so he knew there was no contest. I then took the first opportunity to GTFO of there.
  4. I have electric mirrors on my car, I fold them in when I see guys filtering. haha

    I had a ****ing scooter hit me once when they filtered, I was pissed.
  5. It never ceases to amaze me that these guys in piddly little 1800cc cars weighing over a ton try to outgun you. Admittedly I was riding my "historic vehicle" CB750 last weekend, but its an inline four and goes like stink for a 35 year old machine. I accelerated normally at the lights (which is moderately fast) and this guy in a Hyundai i30 starts gunning it to try and keep up. Eventually he catches me since I was trying not to break the 80kmh speed limit, and pulls in front of me a bit close for comfort.

    No other cars about...

    I demonstrated to him the desperate and appalling inadequacy of this pile of crap car, compared to my old Honda, with a twist of the wrist. =D>
  6. This is obviously seen as 'que jumping' when your sitting in a car waiting a frickin lifetime for traffic to move it's pretty annoying to drivers that a cyclist filters past & expects to be let in.

    Almost like cutting in at the lunch line at Macca's. I know it's not the same, but drivers see it as so.
  7. Today i learnt:

    Never filter in front of a fat person.
  8. Agreed that this is sometimes the perception - although I'd say two things to this:
    1. The "I won't let you get in front of me" problem happens even when you haven't filtered - such as my example above with the i30, and
    2. Every motorbike on the road is one less car sitting in traffic adding to congestion - we should be thanked for braving the weather so the cagers can sit in their warm comfy cars in shorter queues

  9. Yes, true. As a recent cyclist I can thankfully recognize this point. But before I started riding this was just not on my mind. As irrational as it may be, I can still see the drivers point of view - I no longer agree with it, but I can see it. It used to frig me off no end that a cyclist would 'illegally' split/filter. Why should I wait & they get to que jump...etc.

    Jealousy, frustration etc all rolled into one just waiting to let fly on the next poor sap who happens to filter past.

    Almost the same anger I get when bicycle riders would take up an entire lane when there's a bike path to use.
  10. My wife had an interesting experience the other day, she was at the front at the lights when she noticed a bike filtering through. She moved over to the left and forward a bit to give him room and when he got alongside he stopped, motioned to her to wind her window down then thanked her...

    The only thing I can think of is that he'd had a few bad experiences earlier that morning and having someone move across came as a shock.
  11. Had a guy in a Porsche move left to block me once, just went around his right and gave him the bird. Happens all the time but I remember the Porsche because he parks in street that I used to live in (debated leaving him a note about his bad behavior).

    Anyway, I always make sure I thank people that let me through. Try and encourage the good behavior.