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crazy brasil woman !

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 87crisis, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. No ! it's not a scantily clad woman yelling abuse with her bits jiggling everywhere....just...another reason to be cautious as we never know when someone might snap and pull this crap


    i thought the first instance was a tad full on...then she keeps on going with it?!
  2. Clearly low average intelligence in the comments section of that video.

    Hopefully things turned out OK. She damaged a lot of stuff there, hope she never drives again.
  3. wtf. thats is crazy
  4. An interesting and disturbing piece of video. It touches on some fundamental issues. While I don't for an instant condone what that woman did, I can understand where she's coming from.

    As motorcyclists, we understand that bikes filtering to the front actually reduce traffic congestion and reduce the waiting time of all those motorists, but many (probably most) car drivers simply don't get that. All they see is a queue jumper. So right there you have two people feeling angry, aggrieved and self-righteous. And this in a place notorious for hot tempers and macho behaviour.

    When the woman moves to cut off the bike and prevent him getting past, he gets angry and aggressive, and kicks the car. That's property damage, aggression and a warning of impending assault. (Not how he saw it perhaps, but pretty certainly how she saw it.) What happened next was simply the logical progression of that situation, with two people prepared to escalate.

    If you go through life with an angry, self-righteous state of mind, and don't consider how other people see the situation, this is how it's going to end up. Both of them are lucky nobody got hurt or killed.
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  5. to all those who suggest kicking mirrors and so on.. this one's for you! he didn't look too tough against 2tonne of steel did he.. just sayin' 8-[
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  6. Crazy woman indeed. He should have just ridden away rather than kick the car to escalate the situation. In saying that, the woman clearly shouldn't have tried to run him down.
  7. Not possible. She actually pinched the bike between her car and the other. It was either crushing his leg or threatening to, which is what drove him into a fighting rage. So he kicked the car and shouted abuse at her and tried to get into the car to beat some sense into her - which is what drove her into a fear / rage fight or flight response.

    Both of them missed or misunderstood fundamental things about the other person's situation. Both contributed to pushing the other over the edge from rational thought toward battle-to-the-death type thinking.

    Plenty of sheer bloody stupidity on both sides, I think.
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  8. So can I.

  9. I think the others are referring to the bit about 15s before that, where she moved over on him and he responded by kicking the car whilst astride the bike.

    Logic says what she did makes no sense, but some people just have no control over their emotions.
  10. Just a couple of thoughts on the vid...

    There probably was a previous incident between the two and that's why the "camera car" catches up so quickly and has the camera rolling.
    There was plenty of room for the bike to just filter through traffic and just keep going.
    If you kick peoples cars, expect them to retaliate with an escalated level of violence. Here's a big hint...car drivers have a two tonne steel shield around them, you do not.
    Just because it's a woman driver doesn't always mean that she's going to sit there quivering in fear when you abuse her and attack her vehicle. I wonder if he would have done the same thing if it were a large Maori bloke driving? (# note for the literal academic types ..I know there are few Maoris in Sth. America. The use of the word "Maori" is an example only). I notice how he backs off very quickly when a smaller dude come to her aid.
    Sth. America is lovely place to visit but it's the sort of place that if you were looking for trouble, you'd find it real real real quick. The folks over there are crazy.

    That's it.
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  11. I have little sympathy, while I don't condone her actions.

    You wouldn't flick a security guard behind the ear because they unfairly wouldn't let you into their club nor should you kick 1 ton of steel because they wouldn't let you filter.

  12. Haha!! A Netriders wet dream there Lilley!!! Oh you wanna stop/SMIDSY me... yeah...

    But seriously that happens everyday in third world countries. After all my years in Oz sometimes when i can smell burning rubber in the air i automatically think its someone protesting with a burning tyre. Protests happen and roads blocked for all sorts of reasons, blocked for days and no traffic goes through (cops powerless coz of the hundreds who turn up) coz someone ran over a chicken!! Cars burned, motorcycles vandalised for very very minor issues! Thats sadly the reality out there!! And here people screm n complain when someone cuts you off in traffic!!
  13. I was amazed in my time in Rio. I was there for Carnivale. You could buy beer on every corner with no RSA, with thousands of people packed together and every single person was pissed as a sailor, yet I didn't see one fight.

    I shudder to think what would happen in Australia.
  14. Interesting. A friend of mine had everything she had with her stolen from right off her shoulder two days ago.
  15. There is a lot of crime and you do have to be careful. I guess we were very lucky in our visit and we certainly heard some bad stories. Nonetheless the behavior of Brazilians at the blockos (street parties) was a breathtaking enlightening experiance. Think Australia day on Cronulla beach times 1000 with no fights, nor anyone even getting agro.
  16. Do you mean by the Australian government :-s
  17. Yeah mate of mine made it back to his hostel with only his shorts. when he had nothing else left, they took his t-shirt. reckons the whole time he was walking around in the crowd during mardi-gras he could feel hands in his pockets. Still i go the impression it wasn't aggressive.
  18. Rio and most of Brazil have a very interesting social class. You have the ordinary people who are not much worse off than Australians. Then you have the Favelas that have third world poverty and are controlled by drug lords. We were staying down between Copacabana and Ipanema which is a long way away from most of the Favelas. So most of the blockos we were going were full of middle class Brazilians. I never felt uncomfortable nor targeted and I was pretty drunk most of the time. Where you stay would make a huge difference.
  19. Yes, the Australia government. :-s