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Crazy bike riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Changa, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. G'day guys,

    just back from a 5 week vacation in the States, where - as you may know - they generally don't have to wear helmets. I saw so many Harleys on the road it wasn't funny, and for the most part it was no helmet, and a t-shirt. Talking to motorcycle shop owners, they were all very much in favour of compulsory helmet wearing.....maybe cos they'll sell more helmets, I don't know.

    Which brings me to today.

    Since getting my license, I have always tried to wear good gear. Nothing over the top - leather jacket with armour, good shoes, decent helmet.....it was drummed into us on the riding courses. Sometimes I think maybe I'm just the dorky new kid on the block, because today - whilst taking the family for a drive through the National Park (Sydney), Stanwell Tops and through to the Gong, I must have seen a dozen pelicans on various sports bikes, riding like lunatics and wearing t-shirts and shorts.

    Now.......I recently copped flack from some mates because I've decided to get an open face helmet. Apparently my face is going to be torn off soon (God forbid). Today, it made me laugh to see all these guys riding way above the speed limit, across double lines round bends, towards traffic, in their t-shirts and shorts and FULL FACE HELMETS. What the hell good is the helmet without the other gear ?

    In any case, my bewilderment is not so much towards people who choose not to wear jackets or other gear, but moreso that - even with my limited experience in riding - watching these guys made me shake my head and wonder "what the hell are they thinking" ? They obviously don't care about other road users, or the poor bugger that will end up wiping them out.

    Anyway, that's my spit. Today was a great day and on the positive side, there were also a great many riders out there doing the right thing, enjoying their bikes, and not giving other riders a bad name.

  2. bugs in mouth.

    you just wait till you get a grasshopper or a bee... nom nom nom :)

    oh, and for what it's worth, i've come off three times, each time damage to the lower portions of my helmet. worst being 60k's, wet roads, sliding for about 50 - 100 metres down the road and having a MASSIVE amount of helmet ground down. it would have taken my chin off.

    and for that accident, i was not wearing my jacket, just a jumper.

    i've squidded, yes. but i'd like to keep my jaw.
  3. I don't give a **** about the "giving us a bad name" observations of someone with "limited experience", who was driving around.
  4. On the other hand.
    I've been wearing an openface helmet for the last 20 years. and a fullface when its raining, before that was a fullface and had a few offs. The only damage to my helmets have been when it slipped out of my hand or fell off the bike. No crash damage, ever.
    you can be lucky, or not.
    HOWEver, every girlfriend I've bought a helmet for has been a fullface..
  5. that too.
  6. You should save your judgements till you have been riding longer, what seems crazy to you could be a very pedestrian speed to a more experienced rider, they may be well within there limits and comfortable
  7. I once got told I was driving like a lunatic. It was down the back of upperbum NZ. old mate going after me on his bicycle gave me the whole children arrgument and capped it off by saying that there weren't actually any children anywhere near there - or adults for that matter, it was just him - but there could have been.

    To which I say, Thank you very much for your expert opinion, and just for the record please note that I had my eyes open, so I would have bloody well seen them.

    The national park completely legally is one of the more boring rides someone can be made to endure. Honestly, id prefer to commute via bike than have to do that ride. Roughly doubling the limit is a pretty standard pace through there for many riders, without becoming at all dangerous. Take into account the removal of all the overtaking locations in the second half of the road and riding over double lines becomes somewhat of a necessity doesnt it?

    As for the full face, well no other part of the body uses three of the five senses. In the right situation, you could conceivably lose sight, smell and taste.

    And now for the crunch time. You have no problem taking the risk of loosing your face every time you go out for a ride, but you get bothered when by your own judgement you perceive other people as risk takers?
  8. couldn't have put it better myself, adam.
  9. Everyone has totally missed the main point of the Original Poster!!

    Waedwe - Saying that Changa should reserve his judgements until his more experienced is rubbish!! Everyone deserves the right to an opinion, especially in a forum!! And saying that these other riders actions were excusable because they were probably more experienced is also rubbish - If they are in fact more experienced riders, then they should be setting a better example to the less experienced riders by - Wearing appropriate gear and riding sensibly and NOT speeding above the limit and going across double lines around bends toward traffic as Changa said he witnessed. Those actions are illegal and stupid! and no matter how 'experienced' a rider may think they are those actions are potential injuries waiting to happen not only to them selves but to other road users!!
  10. No, it's not. It's not taking away his right to an opinion, but rather telling him to make an informed opinion when he has the means. The rest of your post is irrelevant.
  11. Double white lines became a joke the moment they started using them to try and slow traffic by bringing everyone down to the same level as the least competent driver/vehicle. Roads like the GOR are a classic example of this, and I'm guessing NSW is treating the more enjoyable windy roads exactly the same way.

    If you don't like bikes overtaking you on double lines pay more attention to what's going on behind you, and if you have the chance to do something to let them past more safely (like moving as far left as possible on the wider sections of road and waving them past) then do so. No point getting annoyed by what other people are doing if it doesn't affect you, but doesn't hurt to think about how what you're doing affects others.
  12. Yeah it freaked my a little when I saw how standard it was in the states. Thing is the couple of minor accidents I have had, both of them I had a decent gouge in my helmet despite the fact I was confident my head never touch the ground.

    Still I wouldn't hesitate to wear an open face helmet. The consequences of catching your chin in an accident are extreme but the risk is minute when you consider not just the accident but all the kilometers you get away with.
  13. if they were good riders - they wouldnt go over the double lines in my opinion - if they were skilled they could go fast keeping to their own lane ( unless it was an overtake on double lines )

    as for gear - your body /face so your choice
  14. you misunderstand. Its a well travelled road with no overtaking spots.
  15. As someone else said you seem happy to risk riding a motorcylce with an open face helmet, but you don't like people who take risks by not wearing the rest of the gear or crossing double lines etc etc.

    All I can say is each to their own and 'time and place'.

    I wear an open face helmet around town in summer for a few reasons, not the least of which is comfort. I don't always wear all the gear. I don't always stay on my side of the road and I will, where I deem it safe, cross double lines.
  16. means the helmet did its job very well -- the impact shock was absorbed by the eps liner very well to a point you felt no impact
  17. It's all natural selection. A stupid brain knows that it isn't valuable and won't protect the body by riding safely.

    Open-faced helmets cause open-faced persons:
  18. Typical Netrider thread.....Squids defending Squids.
    Should re name this forum Squidrider.
  19. Yep. Just pointing out that anyone who thinks they can have an accident and control where their head goes, is kidding themselves.
  20. Could we perhaps see some evidence that that photo is of injuries sustained by a rider wearing an OF helmet and not of some poor sod who spilled the wrong bloke's drink in a nightclub.

    Regardless of that, the guy appears to still posess his jaw and facial features, albeit somewhat battered. Painful and unpleasant but unlikely to be life-changing.