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Crazy Bike Dreams

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, May 12, 2006.

  1. Oh my interesting night last night. I was on my bike popping wheelies and traveling at walking pace waving at people (i wish) and then next thing i know im racing in the GP sitting behind Rossi's and last lap i pull past him and the bike stops and i look down and its a little scooter im sitting on.
    Then im on my bike going home and i go to pop another wheelie and i flip it, thats when i start thinking its a dream you'll wake up and it will all be fine... well bike dreams are almost good as dirty sex dreams

  2. I have dreams that are so real that I wake up so confused... sometimes it takes me awhile to work out whats going on...

    itd be pretty funny if it wasnt me.. lol

    but anyway, I have all these riding dreams (like every night (Hey I ride everyday, gimme a break)) and in them Im like a Wheelie God.

    Ive got a FZ750 - if you know the bike you'll how long and heavy it is - so Ive never really had it on one wheel (except off the lights and we all know that dont count) so....

    Im a wheelie god *in my dreams*. True story.
  3. I had a dream not long ago were i dreamt i had a massive tank slapper, it felt so real i could actually see and feel everything happening, and i woke up with my hands doing the motions of an actual tank slapper and sweating like crazy... it felt so real i thought it really happened so i woke my boyfriend saying oh my god i just dreamnt of having a massive tank slapper him being half asleep replied with yer well there not good and goes back to sleep. rather frightning. Ive had other dreams of popping wheelies around a shopping centre and taking off up a foot path dodging people while doing wheelies...
  4. You guys are all nuts... Who dreams about bikes... LOL

    Actually I do... Well not often but I drempt that I was going to buy a ZX2R that week... And ummm well I did. :)
  5. i dreamed that i was doin 12 o'clockers on a custom hayabusa
    but i cant even carry wheeelies properly yet