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Craziest electric sportsbike ever debuts at TED

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]


    150mph, 150 mile range on standard driving cycle. 100 foot-pounds of torque from idle upwards (although there's no transmission, so gearing will determine how hard it takes off) - and top-shelf Ohlins, Marsechini and Brembo kit all round. US$70K, set to launch next year and there's a cheaper version in the works.

    Can't wait to ride one!
  2. No mention of the weight anywhere....

    And it looks like poo.

    But I'm not averse to the idea of competitive electric bikes. Bring it on.
  3. but take sets up the gear......can't see how that will work anywhere, where the style of road changes and the need for different power zones are required :?
  4. That's a big tank for a bike that needs no fuel!

    150 mile range - must be with headlights off. 100mile range with lights on.
  5. im waiting for the KTM zero bike....

    silent midnight hooning anyone?
  6. 2.5hrs to recharge eh? From a 220V (presumably 10A) wall socket, or what is essentially around 5.5kWh of total electrical energy. Running with that and remembering to obey the laws of physics (can't expend more energy than you put in) we have the following:

    It requires around 4kW of power to sustain a motorbike at a 60mph cruising speed, so from this we'd determine that 5.5kWh would only be sufficient charge to travel for about 85mins @ 60mph, or about an 85mile total range, after which time you have to stop and recharge for 150mins.

    A 45mph cruising speed requires ~1.7kW, or 3.3hrs of cruising time, for a 147mile range. Okay, so perhaps this is where they get the 150mi range claim from?

    Around a track like Phillip Island, with a 105mph average speed and assuming a 100% efficient regenerative system, a 5.5kWh charge will last us about 15 mins, or enough to last about 9 laps.

    Still a ways to go, but definitely better than the Vectrix effort. If we could get the available charge up to 15kWh, and the full charge time down to 15 minutes, then that's when an electric bike will begin to serve as an effective sport-touring replacement for the venerable fossil fueled engines.
  7. The range is apparently based on the standard driving cycle Stew, but I wouldn't be surprised if some figures have been massaged.

    Either way, at full bore it won't last nearly as long. But it's the best thing I've seen yet, and I'm very optimistic that the sorts of figures you're talking about will be within reach in the next 10 years.
  8. Gee whiz.

    I don't want one.
  9. imagine how hard it would be to tuck down under the screen on that thing.

    I want weight figures too.
  10. it kinda looks like a big battle-cruiser type bike and it could launch pocket bikes out the side that are stored hidden in that enormous body
  11. You need a ladder to get on, it looks like.
    but for $70,000 US, I am sure they can give u one with the purchase :LOL:
  12. At 150mph with a 5.5kWh charge, I calculate that it'd last for a little over 5 minutes before needing a re-charge.


    At least with a 15kWh charge you'd get 15 minutes of top-speed. That may not sound like much, but if you consider that MotoGP bikes chew through 22L of fuel in 45 mins averaging at considerably less than their top-speed, then yeah, a 15kWh charge is where we'd start to be comparable to an average petrol bike with a 17-18L tank.

    Thinking about electric vs petrol more.

    Petrol works out at around 10kWh/L of energy charge. Problem is that a naturally aspirated internal combustion engine is only around 16% efficient, so in reality that's about a 1.6kWh/L energy charge. Over an 18L tank, that's effectively ~29kWh of energy charge in a typical petrol bike's tank. Throw in the regeneration of an electric engine, and yeah, a 15kWh charge would be minimally acceptable, but it'd take perhaps at least a 20kWh charge to be about on par.

    There is one big issue with electric-only vehicles though, and that's recovery if you run out of juice. In a petrol vehicle you stick some fuel in a can and fill it up enough to drive to the nearest station. With an electric vehicle there isn't exactly an easy, light, and portable equivalent to get you going again should you "run out".

    If we are going to go with the electric vehicle route in future, we really need to do something about our reliance on coal-fueled power. Victoria is already running close to its current ~10GW power production limit without adding another ~40GW of power production required to keep the state's fleet of vehicles running.
  13. Be good for trackdays then. :)
  14. If you only wanted to ride just 3 sessions, and grind to a halt before the end of each one, sure.
  15. They get it from the Vectrix School of Measurement: stick a rider the size of malnourished 8-year old on the bike and send him around the perfectly flat track at perfectly steady 40km/hr and bingo - instant range of well over 100kms. The fact the bike will actually do less than 50kms out in the real world is something you have to figure out for yourself. Hey, it's not like they *lied* or anything....

    Actually I am being sarcastic. Measuring the performace in that way and quoting it as if it was a realistic figure is nothing less than a deliberate lie as far as I am concerned.