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Crazed Surgeon [TAS]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. MOD: FFS John you should know what the rules for posting in the different forums are by now! Next time I delete it!

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  2. I want a hummer too.
    Love them!
  3. thats pissweak, its not even the armoured version. those things can weigh up around 5 or 6 tons!

    or come back with something with tank tracks, then youve got my attention :LOL:
  4. Anything short of a fully armored battle tank is not safe enough.
  5. my hilux weighs in just over 3 tonne... who needs a hummer!
  6. What are "brake locks"?
  7. "Harold Scruby, from the Pedestrian Council of Australia.........
    These vehicles are extremely dangerous, not only to other motor vehicle users but to pedestrians, to cyclists, to motorcyclists.........
    He ignores all those people.......... "

    Surgeon: "I drive the safest car I can in the safest way I can."

    Dunno about you guys, but old mate Harold sounds like an air bandit. The surgeon says he wants to drive safely, ie, not crash into sh!t, and anyway, the surgeon will prettymuch always be fit and well to operate on patients........go overboard and protect his own life (his own business, fkoff harold) and as a consequence, be around to help save others :p
  8. think he meant to say ABS, or its a typo of the reporter.
  9. That's really not news. What happens to the 8 year old child who runs out in front of any vehicle? :roll: Car, bus, truck , hummer, even motorcycle would probably kill.
  10. well in this case the Hummer will either stop before hitting them (cos it'll only be going 50kmh) or worst case scenario the kid has instant access to a trauma surgeon.

    ...sounds like a good compromise to me.

    maybe they just need to classify it as a truck and make people sit the higher level driving exam to own one?
  11. good on him, if people are too stupid to walkout infront of moving traffic i say let them get run over, what ever happened to look and make sure it's safe to cross before you do it :roll: as for other it's more dangerous for other cars, well meh, a car comes off better then a motorcycle so ban cars :roll: keep the fcuk out of the way of the thing that is going to cause you the most damage is my motto
  12. I like how they throw in that NT road is higher, which didn't introduce speed limits until 2007, neglecting to state that the road toll has gone up in the NT since then. NT's road toll is largely around urban areas as a result of unchecked drink-driving.

    Nice to see that the "Speed Kills" agenda is always pushed, regardless of facts or circumstance.
  13. [/quote]

    Surely Harold has been misquoted. He mentined Motorcyclists in a positive way.
  14. i think the good doctor is a jehovah witness in disguise. he's so scared his body could be used for organ donations he's decided to protect himself in the best way he can. :LOL:
  15. The b@stard's just drumming up business!
    (assuming any survive...)
  16. Bugger, I thought our old mate harold had finally gotten a real job... or succumbed to something painful.
  17. his choice, his money , drive what he likes.
    they are dangerous to pedestrians unless they step out in front of one or push harold
  18. I bet he still saves more lives than he takes, so I don't care what he uses to make sure he gets to work on time and in one piece.
  19. Given the width of some of the roads down there he can't have all that many places he could drive it... :LOL: