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Crazed cyclists attack Bert Newton's family.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Newton family escapes rock attack
    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 » 04:51am

    Living legend of television Bert Newton, his wife Patti and daughter Lauren have escaped unhurt after a cyclist smashed their car window with a rock.

    Patti Newton said the back window of her car was smashed seconds after Lauren, heavily pregnant with her second child, got out of the back seat of the car as they dropped Bert at the Regent Theatre in Flinders Lane for the Friday night performance of the musical Wicked.

    'We pulled up at the stage door and Bert and Lauren got out of the car,' Mrs Newton told the Herald Sun newspaper.

    'These two cyclists were speeding down Flinders Lane and they yelled out something to Bert, 'Hello Bertie' or something, and one threw a quartz stone through the window behind me.

    'It sounded like a gunshot, because it went straight through the window and shattered the glass.

    'I was just very grateful Lauren had moved because otherwise she would have been hit by the rock.'

    Several people witnessed the attack, which was believed to have been captured on the theatre's security cameras, the newspaper said.

    Patti Newton was the victim of a bag snatch at Chadstone Shopping Centre last year.

    Tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewellery was in the bag at the time.

    She said she had not reported the rock-throwing incident to police.

    'I guess it was a police action, but with all the drama I had with the bag, I could not bear to go through anything like that again,' she said.

  2. Maybe he was aiming for that thing on Bert's head. :shock: :LOL:
  3. cyclists "speeding down flinders lane"

    how did they know they were speeding?
  4. Speed is ALWAYS a contributing factor :)
  5. Even cyclists are forming bikie gangs and doing drive bys now!!
  6. Unless it was a car-park, I doubt cyclists holding rocks would have been speeding.
  7. We all know there's cameras at every corner here! :grin:

    Exactly, which is why the choice of vehicle for speeding is now a pushie, which doesn't need registration therefore no fine in the mail from a fixed camera. It won't be long before there's debate about rego on pushies.......oh wait! haha :LOL:
  8. Today I saw a lycra clad oxygen thief run a give way sign then abuse the driver who managed to avoid him.

    If I wasn't suffering from a bulging diSk I swear there would be one very sore cyclist getting around tonight.
  9. Was a nice car too... still is, even without the back window.

    Pretty random, meaningless act of destruction. What is someone doing riding a bike through the city with a rock in their hands?

    And for the record, it was Flinders Lane, and Bert doesn't wear the 'thing' to and from work!
  10. Without intending to sound cynical, but it seems whenever that family has something they want everyone to know ( Bert's latest show or the son's debut on tv ) some crime or something happens to them. Is it coincidence?

    Just wondering...

  11. I cringe at the thought of spandex clad cyclists abusing everyday citizens with disresepect!
  12. I may write to Mr. Rudd in regards to some anti cycling laws.