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Crashproof bike?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. brilliant system!! Love it =D
  3. Heh. Oops.
  4. huge freaking oops. DO YOUR BLOODY HEADCHECKS!
  5. Basically. I feel the message here is that no matter how "crash proof" your bike is, you should still use your gad damned eyes.
  6. THIS is the exact reason why it should be a difficult, terrifying experience to ride a motorbike. As soon as it becomes easy, riders get lazy, and then they get dead.
  7. there is no way this is real
  8. Wow! wasn't expecting that
  9. That was a pisser.
    But on a serious note.. How hot was that chick!!:bannanabutt:
  10. Where do I get one
    You know just incase I feel suicidal one day I might use it
  11. +1 =D>
  12. ...D'uh!!... needs a bit of tweaking!!...
  13. :shock: :rofl:


    Great example of how a false sense of security can give rise to complacency.
  14. I was after 10 secs.
    **** of the computers and let me ride the ****ing bike and drive the ****ing car ](*,)
  15. I just watched it myself, old dude linked me in then came to see if someone posted it here :p.
    I saw him pull away without looking and thought hmm well it obviously is staged so im sure SOMEONE is looking for traffic........... and then the truck hahahaha. Thought that might happen :p.