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Crashing... Whats the worst?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. None, never, touch wood.

  2. Stationary ZVD

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  3. Minor injury/damage

  4. Major injury/minor damage

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  5. Major damage/minor injury

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  6. Major/major

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  1. Just wanted to know how many, and what sort of crashes we have all had... obviously some of us have had more than one, so we'll talk about the worst crash... this will also show those who put bike before self, and who live by "skin heals, alloy doesnt..."
    The categories explained:
    -None, never! Touch wood... Bike/self never had an accident.
    -Stationary Crash.... Self explainatory.
    -Minor injury/damage... Bike and self only cosmetic injury. no serious hospital visit, nothing too major on the bike.
    -Major injury/minor damage... Hospital visit (broken bones, lacerations, amputation, concussion) but minimal bike damage
    -Major damage/minor injury... For when you walk away, and people ask how you survived
    -Major/major... Youre bike looks as bad as you.

    Lets hear some breif stories too, people.... Include pictures if u got em!
  2. mono gone bad on a private road, flipped, bent front forks, bent front axel, foot peg dissapeared, smashed lights, can was stuffed, repair bill was almost 2 grand and i fixed everything my self. i was suffering shock, grazed knee. lesson learnt hard is a lesson never forgotten.

  3. I've only had the 1... Going pretty quick round abend... saw the oppurtunity for a photo... Hit the gravel... As it would turn out... hit it going a bit fast... Then slippery dip time low sided along the gravel stopped about a foot and a half away from the metal roadside barrier. *phew* minor sratch up my leg and cosmetic damage to the bike.
  4. below knee amputation

    10cm compound fracture r femur

    broken hip and pelvis

    lacerated liver and bowel

    3 cardiac arrests

    collapsed lung filled with blood

    closed head injury

    coma 9 days.

    a young p plate driver decided he would risk my life to save himself 2 seconds.

    i was heading straight and he was waiting to turn r across 2 lanes at an intersection.

    as i proceeded thru he tried to pull a stunt. his mission was to get behind me as i spat fwd [wish he told me first]. he moved quick into my blind spot as his driving from my point of view was consistant with a decision to proceed straight instead of turn.

    then i wondered 'what's that white thing covering my thigh?' then i wondered, 'how the hell am i going to avoid that pole?' then i wondered 'where am i? why can't i move? maybe i had a crash. am i wearing my helmet?'

    saddest part is, he wasnt drunk, he didnt have one foot on the break in case it didnt pan out, and the amount of spitting fwd he required was more than a 250 could provide.

    the amount of brain cells required to drive were more than he could provide :LOL:

    police found him to be at fault.

    when he was sentenced he gave me a nasty look as he left the court room
  5. fark me! this stuff really shits me.

    did he get any jail time for this?
  6. Takes the cake for worst crash.....
  7. I gave lift, in my ute, to an old bloke who's gopher had broken down the other week and he was telling me about his son who had a bike crash and lost his right arm and leg.
    His wife then died of cancer leaving him with 2 little kids and nappies to change.
  8. Stories like that really put me off riding.
  9. Wow, that really cost him.
  10. not me, but a mate on his zx10r 00', picked up the front wheel while heading up a hill in canberra, as he reached the crest he dropped it back down with the front wheel not quite straight rusulting in a serious tank slapping ordeal, so counter it he picked the front up again while coming down the hill, regained control, then placed it back down. he looked up, his heart sank as he rear ended a stopped falcon ute @ 140kph. compund breakes in both arms, right arm bone punctured his skin, broke his hip (bone punctured the skin), smashed his collar bone, dislocated his shoulder, cracked his skull, left leg broken in 2 places, coma for 3months, 7yr licence suspension. Paid his fines + $900 to replace the alloy tray, scars (both mental and physical) for life.

    he knows it was wrong and stupid, but is happy no-one else was injured.

    just one photo i have of his arm, which i have consent by him to post
  11. Dont let it put you off riding, I could tell you some real horror stories of guys in car accidents if you want. Would that put you off driving?
  12. There's also stories of people suffering enormous injuries 'simply' walking down the street, sitting in their house, etc etc. Anything can be classified as bad depending how you look at it. :?

    For me it's been the past 13 months with the nerve injury of my Brachial Plexus. It's left me with a kind of paralyzed arm, very weird as only my upper arm has no signal (well, starting to come back now) so I can't move it from "hanging" position (i.e arm straight down without bending/moving it at all. Can't bend it nor move it from there, hand, wrist + forearm functions 100%). That isn't too bad for me except my shoulder muscles "went to sleep" after an op aug last year and my shoulder literally pops out of joint (*POP* noise a bit, scares the bejezuz out of my physio people a bit heh) so I need to wear a BIG SLING when I walk, it's the "GIMPY WAZZA" link in my .sig.

    The worst thing about this injury is the 24/7 "medium to severe" pain (official category) I get with neuropathic (nerve) + nociceptive pain ('normal' pain). Sometimes it feels like my arm is being struck by lighting and simultaneusly being stabbed at the same time. Not something I recommend to feel ;) Also starting to feel a LOT of pain when the drugs I'm on aren't masking it but the pain most of the time now which is good :grin: I'm so glad I am for the most, unhindered by this when on a bike because the seating position actually put my shoulder "back in place" and my hand/wrist function 100% on a bike. It's kept me sane, that's for sure. If I didn't have that, I would have gone stir crazy from the frustration, but i'm not so I celebrate that \o/ :biker:
  13. Broken left tib and fib with open reduction and pins/plate... then more pinning and a bone graft a couple of years later. Bike was basically fine (did it chickening out and standing it up around a tight corner and took out a fence post with my leg on the way through), but then my c0cking brother took it for a ride while I was still in hospital and wrote it off. ;)
  14. Riding home at night suffering from sleep deprivation and hypothermia (Pommy winter) and came across a nice thick patch of freezing fog.

    Being none too bright, I figured that I didn't need to slow down from the 80 odd k's I was doing as I could judge my correct position on the road by staying to the left of the car's headlights that was heading towards me up the hill.

    Unfortunately it turned out the car facing me was actually stationary on the left-hand side as she was pulling out of her driveway and not on the right-hand side of the road heading towards me after all :roll:

    Cue comedy somersault over the car (a mini, thank God) and a slide down the road doing a headstand (lucky the helmet stayed on). Only injury was a nasty gash in my left leg (37 stitches) and I even managed to get up off the road afterwards and attempt the walk home with all my gear on. I only managed about 5 steps before collapsing in a ditch at which point I decided that it was more comfortable lying down.
  15. by the sounds of all the stories, im one lucky SOB.
    In my short period on the bike (mind you, if i didnt sleep, it would be 24/7) i had a few nasty accidents...

    In my first week on the bike, i mis-judged a righthand sweeper, slid the bike in some mid-corner gravel, into a crash barrier at about 80kph. the tyres struck first (i was surfing the bike, lowside) pitching the bike up, sandwitching my leg between barrier and bike. The pillion peg (which was down) peirced my shin/calf, and when the bike flipped over the barrier, pulled me by my leg over the top into the front of the house behind it. The bike (my first spada) suffered damage to the frame/tank, and managed to buckle the tank cap, where if my leg was there, would have cost me a limb. I walked away with a big hole in the leg and concussion...

    A few months later, had a mate on the back, peak hour on hoddle st, traffic not moving or doing about 40k's. took my eyes off the road for a split second headcheck, and ended up in the tray of a stationary ute when he decided to stop halfway between changing lanes. no injury, but very bent forks.

    Next was an off when i was pushing myself on the kew boulevard in the wet. stacked at bout 120kph, full leathers. bike pinballed off two gutters, before flipping off the side of the cliff. i followed, getting some nice air, after hitting the gutter feet first. escaped with minor speed burn and sore ankles. (see pic of bike)

    On the way to work (melb courier), i T-boned a car at a roundabout. combination of sand in the corner, and a car that didnt give way. the car (hyundai) was written off, with my leg going thru the front windscreen. the bike would have been a write-off had it not been for my extensive spare-parts supply from previous spadas. I suffered both fractured shins, from clipping my handlebars as i catapulted off the bike. the lady driving was an offduty cop too...

    Had some other minor crashes whilst fullfilling my courier duties. but thanks to my bike being a tuff little thing, didnt cost me too much. all of this stuff is in the past, and i wont be riding like a d*&khead when i get my liscence back. life is crap without motorcycling. Most of these accidents could have been a lot worse, and looking back i know someone was watching over me. my last crash, last week, where i destroyed my wrist on a dirtbike, at walking pace, must be god punnishing me for riding before im allowed. i used to think it was so cool to ride like a drunken hoon, but i wont risk it now that my bike is looking all nice and shiny, not like back then when it was held together with zipties and duct tape.

  16. It was just after peak hournad I was travelling down mickleham rd through greenvale, the car in front of me slowed to turn left, i slowed but was continuing forward. A car in the sidestreet was waiting to turn right.

    The car in the sidestreet pulled out, saw me, stopped, but was already blocking the whole road. Unlucky for me there was heavy traffic coming the other way so i couldn't swerve around so I had no choice but to t bone her.

    I bounced over the bonnet and down the road.

    1 dead bike.
    broken wrist.
    dislocated knee.

    Missed two and a half months off work 'cos the knee and wrist are on the same side and I couldn't use crutches util then.
  17. Written off cbr 250 (not mine) busted leg, ankle and liggaments, i actually bent the bearing casings on the top tripple clamp.

    off work for 4 months in total.
  18. Undii
    My daughter has had a Brachial Plexus injury since birth so unfortunately I know more about it than I'd like to. If you haven't been put on to it already, there is a US organisation that has a discussion forum.


    On it you will find other riders talking about pain management for their injuries.
  19. i don't know if any net-riders saw the carnage out the back of Nerang on Gold Coast this morning (between 930am-1130am), we were riding (8 of us) from Mugeeraba to Mirwillimbah, than back over the border the back way (past springbrook). a couple of the guys pulled over for some reason and i continued on as we were to meet at the Beechmont Rd. intersection. I finally get to the intersection, pulled over and waited about 10mins to see them all ride straight past the meeting spot. I made a hand gesture indicating "what is going on?", one of the guys turned his head around and looked straight at me, mid corner. without realising he was heading straight for a barrier, by the time he realised he was in sh*t, there was nothing to do but dive left off a very steep embankment at about 80ish kph. he is now in serious condition with internal injuries, and his mint condition GSXR written off.

    i was the first on the scene, trying to find him in the chest height lantana bushes 20-25m away from the road, took a good 2mins (long time when running around frantic) to find him once i was down there, he obviously wasn't responding, by the time i had found him, i didn't know what to do. he landed in the recovery position beleive it or not, head tilted in an odd way (i didn't know if his neck was broken), hit so hard he smashed his shoei helmet. His face was starting to turn blue, by that stage a couple of the other riders from our group had made it down. We loosened the helmet strap to allow him to breath, cut his back pack off, still taking very short breathes, then he stopped breathing for about 15secs. My heart just sunk.

    The ambulance got there in less than 10mins closely followed by a flat bed tow truck, it took about 30mins to get him in a stable enough condition for him to be stretchered back up the incline with required a chain of about 10 rescuers as it was extremely difficult to get solid footing. By this stage we have 1 ambulance, 2 ambulance wagons, 2 SES vehicles, 1 rural fire brigade truck, city fire brigade truck, 2 cop cars, 4 newpaper reporters, channel 7 news crew, + traffic response unit to close half of the road.

    This rider is not in-experienced, riding for over 6yrs, he has rode on multiple track days, always stable through the corners, rides the right lines, has good braking judement, and is usually (like most of us) is sensible on the street.

    the lack of concentration for just a second resulted in all this, it was a wake up call for our whole group that nothing can be taken for granted, and how easy it is to come off with a very slight mistake. for those that hit these roads at break neck speeds, just consider what would happen if you did come off (some riders that past us would have been travelling at 200kph+).


  20. Hello there :)

    I use/read ubpn already ta (as 'wazza') :) It's a great site for me due to finally being able to 'talk' to people with the same injury as me. It's somewhat major I guess, it's what the doctors/specialists all keep telling me but I just play it off as a "minor inconvenience" or else I think I'd go crazy at times due to frustration etc that comes from the injury. Thanks for mentioning this and it's always somewhat relieving to come across people who actually know about this injury, I guess you know the agony/frustration etc that comes with this injury as from what you said in your post. *hugs* for your daughter and thoughts are with her :) As the UBPN saying goes "Welcome to the club nobody wants to join".

    I'm always up for a chat etc if you or your daughter ever wants to talk to somebody else who has a BPI. Just PM me if you ever feel the need to :)