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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kanola, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I started this thread for those of us who have had the misfortune of having an accident serious enough to land ourselves in hospital or having some pretty cool xrays. This is not for discussing the actual incident, but any rehab, insurance or TAC issues you have or have had in the past. I know that stookie, undii and i are all going through post accident issues and it has helped me having so many visitors and advice the last 10 days.

    I did not know until yesterday that i personally had to make the call to TAC, i thought the doctors or the rehab place had done it!!! May sound dumb but that is what i thought. All is sorted and I now have a wheelchair to get around in, even if it is laps up and down the corridor.

    I am hoping to see my xrays before/after surgery today too!!! Can you believe they are in a pdf format??? How cool.

    Gotta run, i have the pool physio soon and it takes me forever to get ready!!!!


  2. Hey girlie, further to what we were disc. before re: single vehicle acidents not being covered by TAC. They are, I looked at the webaite and it said that if youre in a motor vehicle accident youre covered. If they dont cover you if you fall off your bike on a corner, then what are we paying tAC for?
  3. :) Thanks Kate, I was thinking about that since we talked and was wondering what the dealio was!!

  4. yup im covered by TAC and I was 'by myself' so to speak. Ive got all the pharmacy claim forms, info sent to me. If you need any pointers or just want to talk about life/whatever, feel free to PM for contact details.

    Im off to my first pool physio today in a few hours. Having an MRI tomorrow at box hill hospital at 7:15am. Wishing you the best and thoughts go out to you :)
  5. hey, i had this situation, came off all by myself in a corner, all was covered with no probs at all from TAC, hospital visits/xrays covered, and physio for a couple of months...

    best of luck for your recovery kanola...
  6. My single-vehicle "oops" is definitely being covered by the TAC. That's why it's a no-fault scheme.. :grin:

    I rang Berwick Hospital back about a fortnight after my off to get a copy of my X-rays. The girl on the phone said "give me 15 minutes and I'll have 'em on CD for you".. Sweeeeet.. :LOL:
  7. Yep good for information purposes :grin: But personally i never want to read it again :shock:
  8. How was the pool wazza??? I had my second pool session today and i am so tired. I am not to put weight on my right leg but in the pool i can walk and get the muscles all working as they should be when i can start moving normally in 6 weeks

    Good to know about the TAC covering all accidents. ... one other thing i was not sure about.

    Z900... I hope you dont need to read it again too!!!!

  9. I hope you all have a quick and full recovery.

    I'd like to know how much an ambulance ride cost you? I've been thinking of getting some sort of ambulance membership since some ads say it may cost several thousands of dollars if you need the service.
  10. this is something i found interesting, i have ambo cover ($60 per year i believe) but it would seem that TAC covered my chopper ride into the Alfred hospital :-k :-s was very surprised about this... either way, i was glad i was covered, not sure how bad the cost would have been, but i imagine it wouldn't be pretty....
  11. I went from camms road in cranbourne to dandy and I think the bill was about $575 dollars or it could have been more
    Dont forget if you need medication they pay for that aswell and they cover you for 18 months worth of wages and another 18 if you get another certificate which is probably one of the best things cause while your sitting in hospital atleast you know the bills are covered :)
  12. This was covered in another thread...but for $55.00 it's still a bargain.
  13. Hope you are all doing well with your healing and therapies and don't have too many issues with claims.

    Ambulance cover is the best $60 odd you could ever spend. Should be compulsory in your licencing I reckon.
  14. Just for everyone's info, in a nutshell TAC cover you for medical benefits as long as:-

    * your accident is the result of the direct driving/riding of a vehicle.
    * your accident is reported to the police
    * the accident happened on a public carriageway and/or the vehicle involved was registered in the 12 months preceeding the accident.

    Your ambulance cover does not cover you if you have a compensible injury (ie. covered by a compensation scheme such as TAC or WorkCover). The ambulance want these accounts paid by the relevant insurer rather than getting nothing through your subscription.
  15. Why is it related to licencing?

    You already pay for accident related ambulance cover in your TAC fees.

    Ambulance subscription is handy if you get ill, or fall down and injure yourself, but it doesn't cover you (and you don't need it) if you have a motor accident.
  16. Not quite accurate.

    You don't have to be driving/riding to be covered. TAC covers anyone involved in a road accident.

    They also cover people who are injured in accidents involving unregistered vehicles, but they don't compensate for loss of income if you are driving unregistered, and they may seek to recover any third party costs from the driver.

    And under the law, I believe it is compulsory to report to the police any accident where someone is injured.
  17. I actually got it as it was required to go racing... I do a lot of track days and some are not on road registered bikes. Still, $55.00 was not too much and gives piece of mind. Coupled with accidents around the home, I was happy to pay. But I'm sure others aren't and that's their choice.
  18. Also you have to be in hospital for a certain amount of time as well. Possibly 12 hours, but don't quote me on that amount, my memory is hazy with all the pain killers im on.

    The pool physio was ok. Got to move my arm a little without assistance :) Im making improvements :)
  19. my TAC experience wasn't too bad.
    I was given a bit of paperwork from the hospital with little more than the TAC number on it. Called the TAC when i got out of hospital a week later and they sent my out more paperwoork. Filled it out and they returned a claim number to me but not the hospital. I had to call the hospital who fixed up the rest. The hospital pharmacy couldn't change the billing details on the perscription info, they started sending my nasty letters and I called them and told them to sort it out. Haven't heard back as yet.

    TAC doesn't cover the first 10 days work lost but there after, I never bothered claiming the 4 additional days i lost, more paperwork involved (payslips etc.)
  20. I think you will find that I am way more accurate than you.....

    1) I was talking about Medical expenses
    2) I did not specify any road user types, I simply stated that the accident must be the result of direct driving/riding ie. a vehicle being driven loses control/strikes something/throws the occupant off . (TAC does not cover you for things that are outside the direct driving of a vehicle ie. getting burnt because you touched a hot exhaust).
    3) The vehicle will need to be registered (or registered in the 12 months prior to your accident) if the accident happened on private land. That's why I have an 'and/or' statement in my third point.

    In relation to Loss of earnings, you won't be covered if
    * you are driving/riding or a passenger in a unregistered vehicle that you own or;
    * you do not hold a valid licence for the type of vehicle you were driving (ie. car licence or a car, M/cycle licence if riding a M/Cycle) or;
    * you were convicted of exceeding .24, refusing a breath test or DUI of drugs.