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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by cosi, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. the walkie stacker into the roller door :( luckily the boss is on holidays...

  2. Were you wearing full face helmet and all protective gear???? Did you damage fairings on your walkie stacker??? :LOL:
  3. hahahahah niiiicceeeee.........

    good luck riding home..

    'what charter boat'

    'tyrone when your reversing things come from behind you'
  4. Did you get the roller door's number and insurance details?
    Did you notify the police, even though it was a single-vehicle accident?
    Did you call the ambos; can't be too careful, you know?
    Did you have witnesses?

    Seriously, clever post buddy!!!
  5. Now, what were you doing to cause the accident? Were you passing another walkie stacker on the outside? Going too fast and didn't leave yourself enough room to stop the walkie stacker? Perhaps the mechanic that serviced the walkie stacker didn't do the brakes properly? Or did you just fcuk up?

  6. well.. damage to the 'baby birtha' walkie stacker:

    * none

    roller door:

    does not move anymore, luckiily, else i think it would of done a runner, those things are always coming up and down when you dont want them to..

    i notified airport roller doors in this instance because ive heard they are the best insurance to deal with, they had a guy come out and assess the damage, the driver of the roller door wasnt too happy, 6 of his bottom panels will need beating.

    other than my humiliation, my injuries were minor, ambos said this is common and to take a few months off work, i said i will just deal with it in my sleep and continue working.

    the dude beat it back into position and will replce the panels later .. thankfully none of my couriers rocked up else theyd give it to me for the rest of the week :(
  7. I think that walkie stacker has far too much power for a learner walker. You should have stuck to the 250 cc walkie stacker for a year.
  8. What the hell are you lot on about?!
  9. i think your boss will show you the door when he finds out!
  10. Well i guess your going back on restrictions then hey !

    Back to the manual pallet truck for you,
    you gota walk before you can run ....
    if yah cant handle a walkie stacker then no real forklift for you either

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Is that a real restriction? In one company I worked in the manual pallet trucks used to totally cane the electrics on the improvised grand prix circuit we set up.

    No, I wasnt fired from that job

    I wasnt caught either
  12. excuse my ignorance, but what's a Walkie Stacker ???
  13. its an electric forklift you dont sit in it like a forklift but you use the 'handle bars' and 'walk' around with it, i even got a pro in here to teach me how to use it..

    ive already got a warning at this job.. damnit :D and now sydney want a con note for stock i sent them and i dont have it... AHH MONDAY :(

    lunch time...
  14. oh cosi you poor guy, glad to hear your ok and you didnt do too much damage to your walkie stacker.
    I dont know much about walkie stackers but i hear they are pretty expensive to fix!
    dont listen to the old fogies, jump straight back onto it and keep racing round the lot ASAP. if you have a concussion, I can reccomend this great all cure, cant remeber the exact name but its made by "Cadburys" its really cheap too.
  15. Ever seen the Crown Forklift ads with the "Blond" office girl using a walk around forklift? Thats a Walkie Stacker, have you also noticed she isn't wearing any PPE, Worksafe would love that.

    I can see the comments along the lines of she's wearing too much clothes already.

    I used to manage a small store/office/warehouse in the wilds of Brunswick and my main toys were a Commodore ute & the Crown Walkie Stacker. I could smoke the drive wheel on the crown if it was damp without trying and something similar on the ute as well :p :wink:

    The hand pallet trolleys were more fun to ride skate board style around the aisles until you ran over a nail or bolt and found yourself being highsided over the handle bar with a certain part of the male body getting in the way in the process :shock:
  16. i havnt seen that ad :(

    yeh the hand pallet trolleys at safeway rock. speaking of work related fun, we use to make footballs out of the wrapping used for fruit and vege , damn they hurt ! other than the usualy slack fruit and vege fun, we could waste hours playing footy!

    ive finished lunch.. now i have to do work again..
  17. Cosi, did you have the walker stacker on turtle or rabbit speed, you may find that Rabbit speed is a little too much for the inexperienced......

    quite a few years ago me and a few mates decided to go bobsledding on trolley jacks, this was about the same time as "Coolrunning" came out.

    so we thought, if they can do it, so can we......NOT

    Christmas breakup after way too many sherbs we got 3 of those empty rolls that wire cable or hydraulic hose's come on, tied them to a trolley jack and 2 guys sat, one stood up and steered and the pusher had to jump on and sit on the third reel without loosing any of his nut collection. end result was embarrasing, painful and expensive, we went straight out the door, and down the ramp, one slight concusion, one damaged trolley jack, and dented the sliding door on the cleaners van. 4 of us had to cough up just under $140 each to fix the trolley jack and the door on the cleaner's van.
  18. I pranged the forklift the other day,
    i decided to rev it and take my foot off the brake, except it was in reverse not forwards and rammed into some racking and bent the shit out of it.
    It's funny the things you do when you are day dreaming