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Crashed today!...long spiel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Madguitarist!, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Beautiful riding weather here in Auckland and my mate asked me to pillion her for a ride, she's my usual riding buddy and knows my style very well.

    ust over an hr on we hit some nice twisties but not going over the speed limit as we were just wanting to cruise when we hit a left hand blind corner and just b4 it was a 'SLOW DOWN" sign, I was already slowing to abt 50ish when I saw it and slowed some more as I started round the bend but lost the front on gravel and lowsided off the other side of the rd!!!

    My mate broke her left arm in 2 places and is in hospital now awaiting surgery tomorrow, I really feel bad for her as she had no other injuries exceot slight bruising on left thigh. She had a decent cordura jacket and it did it's job well but couldn't do anything to stop the arm breaking from the way she fell.

    Thumbs up for my draggin jeans as the paramedics said I'd have no left knee cap if not for the kevlar! Helmet is a write off as I fell on my face, my leather jacket has a hole in the left pocket and pretty beat up on the LH side. Sprained my right thumb & little 2 left fingers, sore left knee ad body ache is my total injury.

    My pride and joy...... :(
    crankcase cover wore thru till you can see insde! haven't taken a real good look as I was watching over me mate and talking with the ambo/paramedic/police/off duty nurse/off duty fireman/lady living in house in front of where we crashed!
    I really wanted to check the damage but my mate is more important to me so I got the fireman to push it into the lady''s carport and will grab it tomorrow. Pretty much all the left platics are damaged/broken & maybe more but we are alive so that's a big PLUS! :)

    Just got from hospital at 12.30am since hospital was 2hrs away, bike is just over an hr away.
    Really grateful to all those who stopped to help and make all the necessary calls and did first aid on me mate.

    Thanks for reading... just needed to share today's experience with you fellow bikers! Stay safe! :cool:
  2. Bummer,

    At least the injuries will heal
  3. Shite , that's no good. Good that you both a relatively okay, ie apart from your mate having a broken arm. Well hope she heals well and speedily, and that your pride is not dented too much.
  4. Ouch on the broken arm in two places. Hope you both recover fully.
  5. Hey,
    hope you both heal well and soon,
    and get back on a bike.
  6. Bugger :cry:

    sometimes there's just nothing you can do and "shyte happens"
    Hope your friends arm heals quickly, your bruises and sprains likewise

    The bike can be fixed or replaced, you and your friend can't.

    Best of luck.

  7. Rotten luck, especially as you weren't riding like an idiot, but still got caught out; sometimes it doesn't matter what you do.....

    Is your 'pride and joy' insured?
  8. Sorry to hear that. I suspect that you wouldn't mind so much if it was you that was hurt rather then your partner.
    Just remember it was an accident your not to blame.
    Broken bones and bruising heals. Guilt eats away at you. Just remember it's an accident its not your fault.
    I hope I haven't over stepped my bounds.
  9. What a crap accident :( So sorry to hear about your friends injuries and the damage to your baby. Hope everything is fixed up quickly!
  10. Sorry to hear about the accident.
    Best of luck to both of you on the road to recovery, im sure your friend understands it wasnt your fault and will be right back on the bike with you as soon as possible.
  11. Best wishes to you both and a speedy recover to your mate . :)
  12. Tough luck bro, best wishes to your mate and I hope she'll ride with you again soon!
  13. GRAVEL! There should be a law against it!
  14. Sorry to hear about that bud.

    For the bike to slide at 50kmh means there must've been ALOT of loose dirt?

    Hope the both of you heal up fast and that you can fix bike without too much fuss

    Take it easy
  15. Thanks for the concern guys, my mate had an operation on Sun to set her arm and is doing fine. My bruises & sprains are much better too.

    The bike is now at the dealership being accessed. Hopefully that doesn't take too long as I'm pretty sure the new plastics have to be ordered from the UK.
    Claimed against my house content for the riding gear so will be shopping for new gear soon.

    On a brighter note, sold me house on Sun so I'm all set to make my move over there (HERE for you guys) end April latest!!

    Hope to meet some of you next week when I make a trip down....