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Crashed the bike!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Menion, May 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all, i had a close call yesterday, i was riding along in the bus lane, passing a car in the next lane, when all of a sudden, without indicating or anything he yanked on the wheel to get into my lane.
    it was as if he was trying to avoid something on the road, but the road was clear.
    I dived to the left, trying to avoid him, but as i got near the gutter, my front tire lost traction, dont know what it was, probably gravel etc. The bike hit the gutter, and landed on the footpath, and then went sliding towards a bus stop pole, i tried to push myself from the bike as i was sliding, cause i could see i would hit the pole, closely followed by the bike, somehow, the bike started spinning, pushing me out of the way.
    The bike hit the pole and was catapulted onto the road, which left me sliding along the footpath. I just tried to stay flat, hoping my draggins and dri rider would hold up. I stopped sliding and lay there for a few seconds, testing my limbs, i felt my knee was sore, but still working.
    I couldnt believe i was ok!! I got up, and 2 cars had stopped, but not the guy who had run me off the road. No one had actually seen the accident, and i didnt get a number plate. The bike is a little sick, it has extensive damage to the left hand side, the right hand side has a big crack in it, the dash was smashed out, screen is gone, left peg is the shape of a bannana, but it still goes.
    Called police, nothing i can do, i got full insurance, so will be ok, everything has gone pretty smoothly with them so far, im wondering if the bike will be written off, as both sides of the fairing needs replacing, as well as engine covers, bars, dash etc. I got it insured for $10,000.
    Today, i feel like shit, i went to the hospital, all i got was a dislocated knee, i think they said, jigament damage and lots of bruises. Anyway, i survived, thankfully, i always ride with full gear on, i dont think i would be so happy if i was a squid.

  2. Any day above ground hey :LOL: Hope you mend fast and get back into it.
  3. Oh no! Not ur jigaments!!!!

    Heal up dude, and get a safety pipe.
  4. Sorry to hear :( . There seems to be an increasing number of crashes lately - hope you get well soon.

  5. sorry to hear about the off

    What gear have you got and how did it hold up?


  6. Thats rough mate, I almost broke my jigaments once.

    I'm so sick of people doing this, which is for all and intents hit and run. If I'm ever in the position to uphold some vigilante justice of people doing this, I wont hesitate.
  7. Glad you're OK Menion.

    Stupid driver, that just makes me angry :evil:
  8. After jigaments - alcoholics candy?
  9. Sounds like some scary off.

    I feel angry on your behalf that the idiot just rode off and no-one saw what must have been a spectacular slide, spinning bike and all.

    Hope your jigaments reajign quickly.
  10. .........
  11. was wondering what styles he was wearing, that's all.

    Were your Draggins jeans or cargos and what model Dririder was it?

    Just would help me who is looking at buying gear at the moment.

    There is a huge range of choices, and I thought first hand experience on how they perform would help a noobie make a decision


  12. Commiserations for the off man. Hope you and the bike heal up soon.

    Mind if I ask what would you do differently next time?

    Hey MG, draggins and a dry rider are full gear - not the most brilliant, but it's definitely not squid material.
  13. Hey Menion, did you have any of the armour in your Draggins at the time?
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  15. Hi rob, the only thing i can think of to avoid the crash was maybe open the throttle instead of braking, i was passing the car at the time and got to the front passenger door as he started coming across, so in hindsight, i should have just booted it. It happened really fast, it was as if his intentions were to run me off the road, he came across much further than any car needs to go, and he would of seen me for sure. I never ride next to another vehicle, i always pass as quick as possible, but this time, it didnt help me.
    Also, i feel draggins and a dri rider with motorcycle boots and good gloves are sufficient for the city, riding around town with full leathers is fine, but i think it is not essential. At city speeds, you wont get much better protection, if the gear is fitted well. I have no marks, rash or anything, just bruises.
    Also starlet, i had no armour in the draggins, i tried them, but the moved around alot, so i think in a crash, the potential is for them to cause more damage than they would save, unless the pants are real tight, but id rather have knee pads, dirt bike style, actually strapped to the leg, i think this would be much better.