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Crashed on the freeway

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by arlennnn, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. So today I had my first crash since getting my learners about a month ago.
    Was going down the Monash freeway, approaching bourke st. It was pissing down (and in hindsight I should've taken public transport because I don't have any wet weather gear!!! lol) and I see a truck in the lane to the right of me. I noticed it indicate to go into my lane so I hang back, but he cancels it, I wait a bit then move forward. Then I see the indicator again so I wait again. Nothing. I wait for about 20 seconds then decide to accelerate, then I notice he moves over into my lane, I grab the front brakes and before I knew it I was sliding across the freeway.

    Luckily I was only doing about 60km/h and I had my full gear on, so I only walked away with a bit of rashed knee and sore hip. My kevlars only had a small tear in the knee, same as my leather jacket.

    The bike was surprisingly good too (I hope!) the indicator broke off, right fairing were slightly cracked and scratched.

    I had everyone around me stop, thankfully, as I was in the 2nd inner lane. So I picked my bike up and walked it over to the shoulder where I had a whole lot of people asking if I was okay, including the truck driver.

    I was pretty shaken up but I managed to calm down and continue my ride to work. I got the drivers details but I know it was my stupidity which put me in that situation, so I don't see the need to contact him further. Definitely is an eye opener how quickly things can go to sh!t.
  2. yes it is; the line between upright and horizontal is very thin

    glad to see you're philosophical about it and learned something, AND that you're not injured
  3. Glad you're ok.
  4. Sorry to hear!

    As for the insurance, if this considered his fault, then file a claim with the insurance.
  5. The good old politeness competition. Both vehicles see each other, give each other right of way then realise that the other is giving right and move at the same time. Sometimes it can be more dangerous for some one to see you then not.

    Glad you are OK and it sounds like you scraped through alright.
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  6. simple mis-judgement by the rider isn't it tobbera? if it wasn't raining the rider wouldn't have had an issue with braking safely and avoiding any incident so saying that the rider wasn't riding with-in his limit's for said situation considering he'd already had a hint of trouble with this truck indicating moment's earlier and he backed off....shouldn't the rider have simply let the truck merge and then overtake it in another lane? i'd take it as lesson learned and be thankfull i didn't slide under that truck

    not my intention to kick you when your down arlennn as you already admitted that you feel it was your own stupidity that was the issue and i respect that a hell of alot - other's(not you tobbera, just some twats in general) might have had a big wobbly about how the big bad truck did this n did that...*shakes head*

    i sincerely hope what little injuries you did sustain heal quickly and that it isn't long until you can get your bike back to it's former glory.
  7. No I totally agree 87crisis! I mean I took his details just for the sake of taking them, but I totally realise I was in the wrong and thats how I ended up on my ass (or rather stomach haha)

    I'm not angry at the truck driver at all, and like you said it could've ended up A LOT worse! I've learned my lesson in a hard way and I definitely will be 1000x more attentive when I ride now :)

    I came off with a grazed knee and some scratched up plastic, I'd say I rolled a lucky dice today!
  8. summed up perfectly!
  9. Glad you are OK Arlennnn, sounds like you learnt some rider awareness points and came out relatively unscathed. Trucks have limited views of area along their side so you may have just crossed in to a blind spot when he was scanning the road or checking his other mirror. I would guess insurance would allocate equal blame and charge both of you higher premiums. :)
  10. Sometimes it pays to ride assertively (not agressively). Glad to hear you came through it without any major injuries.

    Edit/ i was not implying you were riding agressively. I am just saying that by riding assertively it may have stopped the politeness competition.
  11. Sorry about the stack but good to hear you got out okay. I think the wet road help reduced grazing and more damage!

    Did this happen at about 9:30AM this morning? I was riding outbound on the Monash and saw a rider hunched up racing style behind the screen...looked like no wet weather gear as well so I assumed to reduce wetness from traffic ahead.

    I hate those moments...I now always flash my high beams to let them know they can change lanes/come through. Seems to work all the time on truck drivers, but some drivers still get confused. Another example...4 vehicles all arriving at a round about at the same time and inching slowly into it.
  12. My thoughts exactly cjvfr! No point going through all that for an indicator :facepalm: and my fairing didn't come out too bad considering

    I have to admit though in the moments after the crash all I could think was "fvck this fvck this, I'm never riding again! I just want my safe car", luckily after I got to work, sat down and managed to gather my thoughts I realised how ridiculous this was :LOL:
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  13. Round about stale mate. Suprisingly happens very uncommonly given how many round abouts there are, I've only ever seen it once.
  14. haha nah that wasn't me, had my spill at around 8

    I agree with you there, I guess it all comes down to riding to the environment/situation
  15. Come visit Wagga mate, happens all the time. The idiots here have no idea.
  16. What a bugger. Glad it wasn't worse mate.

    Sounds like you're taking some key roadcraft road-positioning lessons from this experience. FWIW, I avoid trucks like the plague. Those wheels, blind spots and wind shears are just not bike friendly. The amount of vision they can cut out due to their size is also another reason to avoid being near them.

    Why did you moved forward when the truck had it's indicator on?
  17. Happened to me once and in the end everyone moved into the round about at the same time *face palm*. We all just smiled at each other and managed to get out without hitting each other haha.

    Cool cool
  18. Glad you're ok and walked away with everything intact.

    Ride Safe and have fun! (y)
  19. Pretty much the same reason I wanted to get ahead as quick as I could!
    And I only moved when he had cancelled his indicator, after which I saw him indicate again as I was about to pass, then move over. That's when I grabbed my brakes and went down.

    Ideally I would've been in the right lane where I like, so I have the safety of a shoulder to go into if I needed. But I've learnt from my mistakes, definitely will be applying them on the way home!
  20. Shame about the crash and damage to yourself and bike, but it sounds like it could have been a lot worse. I'd hate to come off on a freeway.
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