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Crashed my bike today

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roarin, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. After reading all the many and varied threads here about peoples crashing their bikes due to many and varied causes totally out of their control, I was feeling a bit left out No longer however.Today I took my bike out for a bit of a spin in the hills.Yeah, the weather wasn't great, and I haven't been out riding for a while, so I'm a bit rusty on it I guess. Anyway I'm hammering down a reasonable sort of hill, at a pretty respectable pace, and strike me dead, this rock just jumps out in front of me. Well, that's my excuse. Could have been target fixation, but lets not go there. Anyway, over the bars I go, head butting a log on the way, cracking my helmet on the way. Layed there for a minute gathering my wits and breath, wiggled all extremities to check for proper functions and all seemed well.Couple of dudes pulled up to see if I was okay, which I seemed to be if you don't count the blood pissing out of my knee and the trickle from my hand, or the great lump appearing on my cheekbone. Time for a new helmet mate says one of them.Bike doesn't seen too damaged offers another. Yeah, says I, lucky I landed on my head, or there could have been a serious injury. ****in mountain bikes. Dangerous things they are.Government should ban them I reckon. Or at least bring in some rules and regulations to stop people hurting themselves. Ha.

  2. hhahahaha diked, had me going, was even going to say wrong section :) serves you right for wearing lycra
  3. Rocks are malevolent creatures - haven't you seen all those signs on the road warning about hit and run rocks? They do not stop.
  4. It's about time rocks where forced to have insurance and mandatory front rego plates. Bastids the lot of them. I may have been out in the sun for too long today.
  5. Did you video the rock and sent its rego to the cops after first contacting the papers and posting it up on a forum so that others can see how heinous that rock is?
  6. well played sir.
  7. No he didn't. Because - and this is key info - Roarin is not an anal, train spotting, self-righteous, attention seeking, ball slapping, cock smoking, narcissistic, fuck-tard with nothing better to do.
  8. Mate you should know that if your gonna ride a bike without a motor you have to have a clothes peg and a card on the front wheel, that way the rock hears you coming and gets the f...k out of the way.
  9. from what I read ' I got stoned off my face and the boys got a great buzz from it too' , Hhmm am I missing something?

    TAC Version

    lol Now lets just changed one thing, if the rock wasnt doin 68 kmh an hour, Roarin woudnt be shit faced. and there is the issue, one can not get stoned alone anymore lol
  10. Wash your mouth out with soap son. No Lycra wearing for this bike rider, I can assure you. Flanney shirt, shorts, runners, and a plastic raincoat if it rains. Nothing against those that want to wear Lycra however. If they want to squeeze their lumps and bulges into skin tight Ballerina gear, then parade around in public like brightly coloured Michelin advertising blimps, that's entirely up to them. I however, have some self respect.