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Crashed my baby

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Stupid me decided it would be a good idea to go for a ride tonight after it stopped raining and i ended up sliding under a car. ](*,)

    Was in ringwood out the front of the clock tower and some guy apparently came out of the merge lane too far causing everyone in front of me to brake hard, i was at the back of the que in the left lane and locked up the front wheel put my baby on her side and she went under the car in front.

    No really bad structural damage that i can see just the brake leaver snapped off, it took me a while to get it started because it was flooded but i rode it home, it ran a bit rough but i think thats because it was flooded.
    Cosmetic damage on the other hand is bad, the front nose cone and the screen are gone and there are scratches on the fairings on both sides and exhaust.

    Me. Well i'm fine a scratch on the knee is all i have and my new draggins have a small hole in them.

    The car in front had a few small scratches on the bumper, hopefully that can be just touched up instead of being replaced and to the two really nice guys stopped and helped me get the bike up and off the road (Thanks fellas).

    The funny thing is as soon as i realised what happened i jumped up and ran straight to my bike to se if she was ok without even thinking about myself. :LOL:

    Mabye i have an excuse to paint her a different colour now :)

    .........so anyone have a cheap nose cone in white or know of a wreckers open saturday??
  2. OOOO, Bummer :(

    Glad your OK, and that your priorities are right (check bike first :wink: )

    Now we know to keep that extra bit of distance in the wet :?

  3. Bad luck bud, glad you're ok.

  4. That's not funny, that's THE standard reaction! Guys have got up and run to the bike with broken ankles!!

    Sorry to hear you've abraded the baby, but as we always say, bikes are replaceable, people aren't. Any crash that you can walk away from is a good one. And great to hear your protective gear, protected.
  5. As long as you are Ok... That what metters...

    if you are interested I have some fairings for the CBR250RR that I will be willing to sell :D
  6. For sure, i had left a bit more room between me and the car but i should have left more. :x
    I'm pretty angry at myself for not being able to swerve to avoid the accident but i think i am just too inexperienced and didn't handle the situation like i should have.

    I know that i'll learn from this tho and hopefully i won't put myself in a situation like that again, i'm just glad i didn't hurt myself.
  7. oh that sucks :(
    hope it looks better in the morning? *cringes*
  8. With that in mind Kraven it's a bloody cheap lesson. Lots of people aren't lucky enough to get a second chance.

  9. Bad luck mate (sigh)
  10. Glad your OK Kraven, but it could have been a lot worse.....after all, it was only a Honda :cry:
  11. Sorry to hear of your off. Glad you are ok. You may well feel the physical side today. We are all vunerable out there. I would say thou that I hope you practice emergency braking regularly, not wait till an emergency to do so.

    Take care.

  12. Sorry to hear about your off Kraven and your OK, I am guessing some lessons are learnt from any off we have.
    Good point about the practicing tones, I might start practising emergency stops every time I go out from now on, I usually do a couple pulling out of my road, but might make a point of it from now on. The funny thing is when I did them on the defensive riding course, it was not much different to dry conditions, but in an emergency I guess som peoples reaction is to grab a handful.
  13. Glad to hear you're okay, guess there's a reminder in there for all of us about leaving that bit of extra room in the wet.
  14. Excellent!! no doubt we'll be welcoming you as an OFARC in 12 years or so :applause:

    Don't be angry about it, cos your OK, some things you just can't learn no matter how much you practice swerving around witches hats :? (I mean, witches hats are fairly predictable) Advanced courses help to accelerate the experience gathering a bit.

    Posting the reasons and the "analysis" by others and yourself helps the learning process I reckon, I'm guiltly of not leaving enough gap, at least for the next few weeks I'll be adding a second or two extra distance.

  15. Welcome to the world of motorcycling. That was obviously a good crash in my book. Any crash you walk away from is a good one. Trust me on this. Its the ones that require ambulances that suck.
  16. Hey Kraven, I can sympathise with you mate!

    Try the Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers in Heidelberg West. You find them in the Yellow Pages (Let your fingers do the walking). They seem to have alot of stock and from what I can tell are resonably priced. I hope your knee heals quick, still nursing mine as it got infected. Hope all goes well the repairs.

    Take it easy,

    Firestorm. :) :D :)
  17. well u did get out of that un scaved
  18. no luck mate, hope you can source some cheap repair bits
  19. Sorry to hear the news Kraven, hope your repairs go ok..