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Crashed into a crazy lady

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by likuid, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Sorry superlong story but yeah.

    OK bit of history, ive been riding about 3 weeks, been going out every night riding with mates, do big thur niight group rides which are awsome, but Worst day ever i think, basically on sunday, it was a hot and sunny day,

    and i made the mistake, probably the dumbest decision in my life of not wearing my jacket, or even jeans, and i wanted some kfc, so riding along ride to the closest kfc, its superrrr busy

    so im like screw this and start riding to the other one about 10 mins away, basically i get within 200m of it, and im riding on the middle lane of a 6 lane road with a island in the middle with trees and stuff,

    and suddenly this freakin crazy lady comes full on sprinting across the road, me being a noobie still hits the anchors, but only the front, manage to slow down to about 10-20km/h

    before i hit her with the front left of my bike, causing me to lowside the bike,

    by this point im so pissed off, at this stupid lady, i get up, run over to this lady who didnt get knocked off, whos now hobbling away, start yelling at her like "What the f**k is wrong with you?, What the hell?" i can't remeber what she said back but some jibberish. she then starts hobbling off, and i yell at her, telling her she has to stay, she abuse's me and then the witness ( this lady in a car who saw the whole thing sitting at the side of the road) by this stage, i just think f**k it,

    i go back to my bike, the lady helps me pick it up and put it on the side of the road, i sit down notice no skin on my elbow, knee and my hip is kaning, another guy walks over calls the ambos for me, turns out his a towie to, so organises a tow home for my bike for $100 ( don't know whether thats a good deal or not, but i just acept it)

    anyway the ambos come clean me up (those guys are champions.) cops turn up, report it all to them, witness does thier part. turns out the lady (who i think was definatly not right in the head ) went into the servo down the road and started abusing customers asking for a lift home, cause she said she fell over. by the time the cops starting looking for her she was long gone.

    i had to go to hospital for some xrays on my leg to check nothing was broken, all ok, just sore for now. the damage on my bike was broken indicator, that metal circle thing is full scratch up, bent gear change lever, clutch lever, and the forks may be bent the towie said, its nearly ridable, ill ride it when i can and see if the forks are bent.

    guess im pretty lucky for a first stack, defiantly wearing jacket and jeans from now on, all the time/ lesson learnt. and all i wanted was some darn kfc agh. lol.
  2. Your first mistake was wanting KFC; it was BOUND to go downhill from there :rofl:.

    Good to hear you are (relatively) OK, and lesson learned too. Were the people at the servo able to provide the Police with a workable description of the kamakazi pedestrian???
  3. What wasn't she knocked off, was she a pedestrian or on a bike?

    Sorry to hear about your stack, next time wear your safety thongs. :p
  4. Luckily you got out of that one relitively unscaved.

    Frist time I rode without my gear I jus felt unsafe. After that I put my gear on everytime.

    So did the police find who the old lady is?
  5. if the lady went to the servo , they have cameras there im sure , go ask
  6. When Paul and I agree you know we are on to something.
    Also I think you have learn't your leason already, but just to rub it in
    All The Gear All The Time.
    Better to have it when you don't need it, than to need it when you don't have it.
  7. That is very true. Thats why I decide to ALWAYS wear my gear. It could be the time when you lease expected than you'll get into something bad when you need your gear....
  8. Question is.... did you get any KFC?!

    Lesson learnt early though... it's never a good time not to wear your gear.
  9. no i didnt even get any kfc, and by knocked off i ment knocked over lol. well i can't actaully remeber if she did or didn't i was more focussed on not dieing lol. cops are gonna sort it all out. witness gave description too. not much else i can do. no chance of getting any money out of her.
  10. See if you knew you were going to stack it either way, you should have just ran her down, oh well you're new at this so its ok.

    Glad you're not too hurt.
  11. likuid

    its a 'cover'. either an engine cover or most likely gear box cover <- often gets scratched in a fall.

    im sorry bout ya miss-hap. this is the one thing i dont like about getting back on a bike, at anytime at all, i could be spending the day in the emergency room, and I HATE the emergency room! [been there 2 many times!]

    did 1 stint there before the big one. its going to happen one day, tis just a matter of time.

    anywho, good on you for doing the right thing. ive heard many similar stories of broken bikes and idiot pedestrians walking off without looking back. its the price you pay for having a bike in a morons world.

    gearing up is a big hastle but definately worth it. i hope you own a back protector. every time ive spoken to a para they've said 'no back protector' and every lucky escape ive come across said 'back protector'. that maybe a coincedence but it doesnt hurt to use one every time [i did].

    there is one thing far more important than your spine/legs/and sex life, and thats your head. a head injury has to be the worst appart from death. make sure you dont cheap out on a helmet and the australian standard is far too low [i had shoei rf 7000. hit a tele pole at 60]

    stump it up! :cool:
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: @ paul GOOD ONE!

    ksystems! good thinking!
  12. Some pedestrians are just complete fcuking morons. When they see a gap and there is a bike coming they try to cross. Two things I hate most are cars that slowly creep out and pull onto the road/into your lane just as you pass and dumbass pedestrians that keep walking as you go past. Seriously, how they walk onto the road and as you pass them you could touch them if you stuck out a hand. I'm going to stick a fist out one day.
  13. i did the same thing , but i went to get nachos , back tyre slid out , landed on my elbow no gear at all , runied tattoo
  14. Might as well just go naked from the waist down.

    Seriously, mate, jeans are not "gear". At least get some Draggin's; They'll help stop the flesh from being ground off your bones.
  15. Latest 'accessory' for the suicidal pedestrian is an iPod. Those bud ear plugs, combined with 'eyes closed, groovin' to the tune' resulted in TWO d!ckheads attempting to walk into the bike on the same morning last week. They just didn't look - stepped onto the road without a thought.

    If I'd have been in a Kenworth they would have been smears on the mudflaps.

  16. uno i even installed one of those sweet as super loud nautilas airhorns too, but i was soo locked up i couln't use it. i just went straight for the breaks. and i'd been riding around looking for a chance to use it too :(
  17. Bad luck mate!

    Can you work out why you lowsided? ? Oil, dirt, bad application of brakes, etc?????


    A perfect story about the risks you accept when squidding and for encouraging emergency braking practice.
  18. Had to be that ONE time, hey! Hope you heal up well, likuid.

    Even if they find the pedestrian, would she get any fine or charge? Maybe j-walking at most :?
  19. yeh but u'd sue her for damage
  20. i stacked because i hit her lol. no way id be able to sue her. would take soooo long and wouln't be worth it for $100-300 of damage at most./