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Crashed CB250R wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by peter-reebok, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Son bought home a crashed CB250R that his mate stacked.
    Has been sitting in the shed for 4 wks.
    Had a go at starting it yesterday, before replacing the forks etc.

    Have a spark, fuel in tank, clutch lever in, and recharged the battery.
    Just grinds away and grinds away on the starter.
    Removed air filter etc,

    Bumpstarting it doesnt work either.
    Any suggestions? Sidestand switch? clutch switch?
    plugs are clean, now, and were at the MFR gap (0.9mm)

    it has only 34,000 kms on it6, not worn out yet!
  2. Full choke - no throttle (cant stress this enough).

    I had my cbr250 sitting for 4 months and it took me a good 5-10 attempts to fire it back to life.

    Once it starts to fireup (you'll hear it), apply tiny amount of throttle to bring the engine to life. This may take a few goes to get it. keep your throttle open and slowly reduce choke. Don't let the revs drop too low or it will might die.

    Once the engine is warmed up everything should be sweet.
  3. U have ruled out everything except for Carbs.
    Seems like a fueling issue.
    I read somewher else a tip to see if the fuels gong into carbs
    Take of tank, still connect though, airbox off, hand over a carb, crank it over, if ur palm is wet with fuel then that carbs working, try for all carbs.

    Check for other blockages, fuel Co-ck, fuel filter if u have one, filters in carbs if u have them.
    Check carb slides. That the open gap is correct for idle.

    Side stand, maybe. But usually if its the sidestand it wont crank over. Clutch switch never heard of one.

    Good luck
  4. If you have physically seen spark, remove plugs and spray fuel, or aerostart down bore, then replace plugs and with choke on and no throttle crank it over, will soon see if it has a hint of starting.
  5. +1, or start ya bugger spray
  6. Has the fuel tap got a "pri" position. use that and it still may take a fully charged battery and a fair bit of cranking.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions .

    Will almost catch - pleanty of pops, the odd backfire, but doesnt catch.

    So I know fuel gets in, spark is there.
  8. Ok. You have a float needle stuck open. This is common after a prang. You are getting too much fuel.

    Try it with varying amounts of throttle and you may get it to fire. The needle may then sort itself out. Otherwise it's off with the carbies.
  9. will gentle tapping of the float chamber fix this problem ibast? in my last prang, i got the bike home, stuck in 3rd gear on one cylinder (vtr250). then about 200m before i pulled into the driveway, the front cylinder magically coughed back into life. im guessing it was a stuck float needle.
    just so i know for next time :grin:

    (sorry for hijacking peter rebok)

  10. Solved - another netrider success

    Thanks for the input guys.
    Brrm Brrm is the sound of one happy son.

    tried Bump starting it a few times without success, and then pressed the starter again. Musta dislodged anything stuck.

    Brrm Brrm. One happy camper.

    Now to add about $700 of parts, and the $500 CBR250R will be on the road again.!.
  11. Nice,

    Carbs can be a pain to figure out. Mine had rust in them from the tank... and it only became a problem once things got hot... very strange to try and figure out what is wrong with them.