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Crashed but how to deal with the damage? (Muffler and F Brake)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by chokpa, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Hello NRs

    I did my MOST yesterday. When it started to rain I got a bit overzealous and broke too hard during the emergency stop and the bike came out from under me.

    Skipped off fine, but when I hoisted the bike back up I saw my muffler had slipped right off the exhaust pipe. With the help of the instructor we slid it back on and it was all good as a temporary fix. I also bent the front brake ever pretty badly. It's bending away from my fingers.

    Do I need to do anything special to the muffler or just slide it back on nice and snug and retighten? Will it affect performance in any way?

    Should I bother to attempt to bend the lever back or buy some aftermarket ones instead? I'd prefer the two levers to be matching if possible and it's stock right now.

    Any other areas that I should check for damage? It fell on the right side at around 25-30km/hr

    Cheers =D>

  2. You can try to straighten your lever. Often they don't and just break. But you won't lose anything by trying since if it breaks you will need a new one anyway.

    Normally, the muffler should have a clamp. They usually don't rely on just a tight fit.
  3. be very wary of straightening brake levers, the last thing you want when emergency breaking is to have the thing snap. If it's a get you going thing in the middle of nowhere then you may have to straighten one, if you are near a shop grab a new one.
  4. good point bamm bamm.

    GreyBM, yes there is a clamp. Seems to be fitting okay now that its cold. Maybe putting it back on while it was quite hot let it be a bit more pliable. I'm wondering if tightening that clamp will be enough, it doesn't seem very 'secure'
  5. The clamp should be tight. If it isn't tighten it.
  6. it's tight now, but I think that's mostly because the metal is cold now and it's sort've stuck together again. I guess the clamp must have been quite loose to begin with, as it slipped off quiet cleanly
  7. brake levers are roughly $20.
  8. how do i know if a certain lever will fit with the bike or do i have to buy something specifically branded for the vtr?
  9. Just go to a general bike parts place, and ask for a lever for your bike. Just like getting an oil filter. It will be the same as other bikes. Honda are guilty of making generic parts specific to a model, but for a brake lever on an entry level bike you should be right.