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crashed bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cOS, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. would you buy a bike which has being fixed up after a crash? are resale values on these bike much lower than market price?

  2. No harm in buying a repaired writeoff.

    I doubt the value would ever really exceed an uncrashed bike but there's no reason that a comparable condition would sell for about the same price. Besides, when you look round at all the second hand motorcycles... it must be assumed that they've been dropped atleast once in their lives.
  3. same, with a writeoff they have to pass a blue slip inspection anyway and they are quite tough when doing them so if the bike is shit it won't pass.
  4. Depends on if you mean crashed and fixed or written off and fixed. The written off issue the guys have right already; as far as just crashed, I've had two accidents in the last 18 months, both fixed under insurance, and I defy you to find where the damage might have been. Also it rides perfectly. As long as the paper work is legal and the repairer was competent, why not?
  5. yeah, define crashed.

    My bike was crashed, not written off. I bought it from teh guy who was upfront and explained all the damage and it had been sitting in his shed for over a year. I got it home, new plugs, change the oil and battery and she was off!

    Saved me $2k of money that I didn't have!

  6. my vtr was a repaired write off. ive dropped it twice since then, both pretty minor spills, but i still did a bit of damage. i payed about $1000 less than what the other VTRs were going for with the same kms and age. and ive spent double that on the bike since, mind you 650 of that went on a new staintune, the old exhaust looked like shit after my first crash. the bike was fine when i got it, i havent got it perfect since then but thats becasue i did all the repairs myself, and saved about 500 in labour, but im getting the 24000k service next week, so hopefully that will work everything out. something ive found out the expensive way, dont buy a bike just before the 20000k mark, because at this time youll need to replace the chain and sprockets, the head bearings will probably need doing, your air filter will need replacing, and the 24000k service is pretty expensive, i got quoted 500 bucks for it.
    im sure others have had different experiances with this, but thats what i found. i also found it alot eaiser to buy a dropped bike with a steel frame, not an alluminium one. but then again you can get corrosion problems with steel frames on older bikes. hope this helps