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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ksystemz, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. I had a guy run into my yesterday from the side and proceeded to keep on going! i got his rego and all and put a statement in at the police station. I rang up my insurance company and they mkaing a claim for me, all i need to do is get the qoutes for the repaires. But my excess is $800 and the problem with my bike seems to be the back brake is quite bent.


    The whole fine seems to be squuesed in and causing my bike some issues whilst stopping. and my bike seems to run all crap now afterward this happened.

    Would it cost less to get this repaired myself?

  2. Hey mate, your brake is prob engaged slightly as the lever is bent. Dont know if it will break if you try bend it back, mine did when i was hit and the lady tried to take off too, some people :evil: I am pretty sure it will cost you less to fix it yourself mate :)
  3. looks like the lever is pushed in and can't return to the full rest position, thus making your rear brakes drag. bend it back out before you ride again. if it breaks, say it broke during the hit. if there's no other damage i would just hit up a wrecker or yamaha spares for a new lever. it'll be 1/8th of your excess.
  4. No excess to worry about if the other guy is at fault. Smack the bike with a hammer until it's a write-off.
  5. Yep, the brake is still engaged because the lever is stuck under the frame. You could try bending it back and see what happens. If the lever breaks, put a new one on and all should be fine. It's worth doing this much in order to make sure it rides straight, corners properly and nothing else is bent. :)

    As for your excess, you can always take it in for a quote. If the quote comes up less than $800 then you'll not be using your insurance anyway. Of couse, if the crash was the other person's fault you should either not pay an excess or you will get it back when the insurer sues the driver that hit you so it's win/win. :)
  6. Seany has it 100% correct.
  7. i just hope the guy is honest as he wasn't paying attention when he hit me, and the damage they he caused could not be my fault at all. i guess the cops need to find him! thank for all the help