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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pete_R1, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Well i had a bit of a crash last week on my R1. It was fine weather but i rode the R1 across the wet lawn onto the road. This left a narrow strip of wet tyre down the middle. So anyway i take off up the road, not real quick and just gave it a bit to change up to 2nd and the rear tyre broke traction. Now i admit the tyre wasnt 100%. Im doin about 60km by now and i feel the arse end lose traction and think nothing too much to worry about but as the bike drifted to the left side as it spun the wheel the dry section of the tyre on the side grabbed the road and suddenly gained traction which bucked the bike and high sided me over the bars (probably about 70km/h by now). The bike lays down and goes sliding up the road as i tumble arse over tit along the road next to it. Did my AC joint in shoulder, fractured left had and lots of bruises (including my ego !). Bike not too bad. it mainly dameged fairings down left side. Easy fix. Wish i could get fixed by just spending a bit of money !! Anyway the moral of the story is keep good tyres on your bike and warm them up properly before getting excited. The end. :roll:

  2. here is a honda girl, to cheer you up.
    wouldnt have happened on a honda.
  3. mm I have a long section of lawn between my garage (way down the back of the block) and the driveway to the road, and I'm always conscious of the fact the the tyres may be damp...

    (Mind you I crashed mightily on my 750/4 Honda in 1908 after pulling out of a car-wash in Canberra; never forgotten it}

    Sound like painful injuries, high-sides are awful.
  4. The drifting sideways onto a dry part of the tyre wouldn't have done anything to the lose of traction. I reckon you subconsciencly backed off the throttle.

    I've had a similar situation, went through a wet patch on a slowly drying road while cornering and went to lift the front and she went mental, the rear was all over the road sliding left and right while the front was doing a tank slapper. Ha good fun.
  5. Yeah you could be right about backing off the throttle. I could of done that which could of caused the high side. Bit hard to remember really. I do remember being ragdolled down the road hearing my bike scraping along next to me thinking'my poor fcuking biike!
  6. BC or AD?

  7. yeah they cant make enough powahhhh to spin the wheels to lose traction i guess :p :p :LOL:
  8. he is old, you know.
  9. they make a terrible, terrible sound on their side
    i hate it. makes me cringe more than the nails on chalkboard thing

    glad you're still kicking

  10. you mean 1998?
  11. And here's a pic of Hornet back then with his bike:

  12. And here he is "going online" to tell everyone about it
  13. Sometimes a warm tyre is not all that is needed. I am always aware that the tyre needs warming up.
    Having said that I managed to drop my GSXR750 right outside the bike shop in Syd after new tyre had been fitted.
    Slippery as and felt like a complete tit with all and sundry watching and trying not to laugh!! :(

    Not happy Jan!!!
  15. Ya reckon!!!!?????? :p

    Sorry for the sarcasam,

  16. I will be sticking a new set of pilot powers on i reckon as soon as i get the fairings fixed. And stay off that friggin lawn !
  17. I've always believed that when losing rear tyre traction, I am to keep the throttle constant and under no circumstances back off.
    Is this still the case in most if not all rear wheel spins?

    Serious question here
  18. I normally just ease the throttle off slowly and let the rear wheel slow down gradully. But i think i might of just snapped the throttle off instantly. Good question.....
  19. Yeah mate, just sit on the same throttle position.
  20. Yeah, true dinks.

    They put ths slippery waxy yucky stuff on to scare new bike/tyre buyers.

    I once put Michelin Siracs on an XR400 and gassed it round the first corner I came to. Instant powerslide.

    Picked up a mates LAMS GS500 the other week from PS in Dandy and wouldn't you know it, light rain falling. Salesman spent ages warning me about new tyres!!

    Sorry dude - you mentioned warming the tyres but not scrubbing em in!