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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by basejumper, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. So I'm riding up scenic highway terrigal last Monday arvo. Going around a left handed bend outside the cowrie restaurant. As I come around the corner there is an old lady trying to turn right across my lane to go back down the way I had come. Her car is stopped in my lane and I realise I am doomed. The bike was still leant over a bit due to the corner and I try my best to straighten it up so I can get on the brakes. The bike slides out from underneath me and I roll down the road and I think I hit her front wheel smashing my humerus bone. In so much Pain and get taken to hospital and X-rays are bad, going into surgery in a few hours. Hopefully the surgeons can screw and bolt it all back together. Will be interesting to see what the lady gets charged with. You know what pisses me off the most, she could have at least rang the hospital to see if I'm even alive. My shoulder will never be the same and I'll probably never be able to work out like I used to to try and stay healthy. Majorly pissed off right now

  2. So she was turning into the Scenic Highway and had the front of her car right in your path? Shit man - what a dumb biatch. Stay strong bro - ortho surgeons get the big bucks for a reason. Healed bones are stronger than unbroken ones, so consider it a long term upgrade of sorts.

    Stay positive - nice work letting the bike go too.
  3. I'd be pissed off too. I bet you can't stop playing that one back in your head. Hopefully everything heals. If you want to get back to working out like you used to...just keep trying and don't let anything get in your way.
  4. I don't know what the hell she was doing but her whole car was just stopped and taking up the whole lane , I thought about trying to go infront of her on the wrong side of the road but knew that a head on would prob be fatal, so I tried my best to stay in my lane knowing I was going to eat her car big time
  5. Hope you get better and end up fully recovered.

    Regardless of who is at fault at law, this is a crash which could have been avoided and I'm pointing it out not to pick on you but because someone else may read this and avoid a similar situation themselves.

    The other vehicle was either stopped or moving very slowly. You can avoid 100% of crashes like this if you

    Drive so that you can stop, on your own side of the road, in the distance that you can see to be clear.

    Sooner or later in everybody's driving career they will come across something stopped on the road blocking their path. Last Monday was that day for you. If you drive so that you can stop, then you will avoid a crash.

    This will not stop you crashing if someone pulls out infront of you, but it will eliminate all crashes with stationary objects in your path.
  6. Bugger.

    Hope the surgeons do a bang up job on you mate.

    And just remember, chicks dig scars and motorbike riders!
  7. Were there any cars oncoming?
  8. After having an old bastard t-bone me after he crapped himself and hit his accelerator instead of his brakes and writing off my own car, i will never try and dodge around another wrinkly doing something ****ing stupid again. My concern with the going around are twofold, oncoming traffic, AND the oldie shitting themselves and taking me out anyway, only im then at fault because im on the wrong side of the road, im a motorcyclist, and old people are apparently the safest drivers and never cause accidents.
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  9. He came around a corner whether at legal or non legal speed I do not know, whether its a blind corner I do not know.

    In my street recently on a double blind corner was a concrete pumping truck parked diagonally across both lanes at the apex with no traffic controls in place on either approach by the time you see it it is almost too late to stop even at the posted limit - personally I locked up 4 wheels at 50kph and only just stopped with about 1 meter to spare.

    The onus is on the other party crossing the road in front of traffic that has the right of way not on the OP - the way you have worded your comments makes it seem like we should all first stop them dismount then walk around the blind corner to see if the road is clear
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  10. Not sure if there was a car coming the other way. Just spoke to the cops and they said that the old bat said she was turning right and was "creeping out". I asked them what she will be getting charged with and they said " failing to give way" I said are u kidding me ? What about neg driving causing grevious bodily harm? They said oh yeah maybe she could get charged with that. They said this is her first ticket she has ever received. I said all that proves is that she used to be a good driver not that she is currently a good driver. I think I'll go and see a lawyer when I get home and take civil action. The op is tomorrow and the surgeon says its bad as some of the bone is crushed and he will have to cut some bone off my hip to rebuild the arm. It will never be the same he said. Stupid cow still doesn't know if I'm dead or alive .
  11. Yep. Its the creeping out thats the problem. Same as what happened to me. Saw me, i saw em come across a service road, stop, then creep forward, i start moving towards middle lane and slowing down from 80, they creep again, i think theyve stopped but keep moving to middle lane, start to go past him then BANG, and im facing back into the traffic looking at 2 other written off cars. My car has been hit DEAD CENTRE. Only explanation is that for some ****ed up reason old dude has hit the accelerator. They dont seem to understand that creeping forward doesnt help fuzzy vision.

    On the upside there wasnt even the slightest hint of his insurance company (API, damn they must have massive premiums) trying to argue it, and i somehow ended up with $3600 for POS EA Ford id only paid $800 for.
  12. Not that I mean to question you but I thought it was the opposite to this? I know guys who have broken collar bones, and have broken them many times as they don't mend as strong. Just food for thought

    OP, hope you're OK mate
  13. Sorry to hear, hope you heal up fast after your op. Glad nothing worse happened.
  14. Best of luck with the healing mate, Did the old lady at least speak to you at the scene, or were you napping?

    Read about 'Wolfes law'

    It depends on the health of the person, a 15yo kid in Tailand will strengthen his bones dramatically by causing micro(keyword) fractures, that then heal stronger. A old person is the opposite, they won't heal correctly and remain weak, and fractured.
  15. Not good at all, hope you heal well and quickly...........

    I dont like you chances of getting more charges laid on her.......you were very unlucky, she drove like an idiot.
  16. No the lady never said anything to me at the site, I was on my back on the road for 30 minutes. I don't know what she was doing or thinking. The cops should have the power in an instance like this to tell this lady she needs to pass a driving test in order to keep her licence. I would love to see the comparison between the national road toll statistics figures on accidents caused by speeding v elderly drivers causing accidents.
  17. You misunderstand. There are no blind corners. There are corners which are blind when you traverse them at too high a speed. If you slow down they cease to be blind corners.... and you are then able to stop in the distance you see to be clear. If you change your road positioning (towards the left on a RH bend or towards the right on a LH bend), you increase your view ahead and they cease to be blind corners... and you are able to stop in the distance you see to be clear.

    If you take the attitude that if anything is stopped on the road where it shouldn't be then it is not up to you to avoid them and can just blame them afterwards, then you are heading for a bad crash.

    Right of way is irrelevant when you crash into something and end up in hospital or dead.
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  18. Yes we are!. Thank you!

    So your plan is to try and stop then? Good luck with that.

    I suppose younger drivers, don't pull out in front of people, eh.

    You need to alter your outlook. You have one experience, and then plan all your future riding based on that one single event. Good one.
  19. That's a healthy attitude, planning on staying the same age for the rest of your life are you?
  20. Wouldnt quite put a blanket statement on it. My preference would be slowing up because ive seen him but im not sure hes seen me, until such time as i have a reasonable expectation that he has in fact seen me and come to a complete stop, no matter what the age.

    Them creeping = me covering and looking for a way out. Using that one experience means that i have been cautious at intersections everywhere similar to where this happened. And it has happened, and will happen again.
    I expect dumb things everywhere, and i expect some dumb things from certain groups and i try and minimise my own risk accordingly. I didnt think there was anything wrong with this. If i need to alter that outlook so be it, thanks for the pointer.