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Crash Video's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. An interesting thought.

    Many of us enjoy watching crash videos.... Netrider even put a DVD together that covered crashes and some cool stunt riding....

    Do you not find it strange to watch crash videos (and most people laugh at some of the crashes) and have a chuckle about it???? Does that not make us senseless animals??

    Dont get me wrong, I am not judging, I sometimes laugh and I am one that has had quite a few broken bones. But, why is it we laugh at other mis-fortunes?????

    The other day, I started watching a 10 min series of crashes from a web site and turned it off after 2 mins.... I found I did not enjoy watching them anymore. But, if I were with others, I may have thought differently.

    Not looking for anwers, just my personal observations.
  2. Homer Simpson "It's funny because I don't know him...."
  3. hmmm quite interesting.

    I myself love watching crash vids. Things like Jackass ect really crack me up. I guess thats just the kind of humor I have.

    As far as motorbike crashes, I like to watch them to see how the rider reacts or in what situations they are in when the crash happens. I kinda figure I might learn something.
  4. When you watch them, think of people like:
    Mick Doohan - his legs
    Kenny Roberts - His wheel chair
    Doug Henry - Broke his back and still rides
    Jeff Emig - Broke his back
    Jimmy Button - Broke his back

    Thank god they show the crashes people walk away from
  5. Wayne Rainey - now that was a sickening crash.
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't watch racing crashes unless I knew ahead of time that the rider wasn't injured or harmed; I've seen too many in real life, and taking photos of dead riders in their leathers for Police and Coroners does turn you off, I can assure you.
    However, film of guys mucking up stoppies and falling over riding away from the dealership are funny, because no-one gets hurt except the bike, usually. Love the one of the guy who crashes and then kicks his helmet down the road and pounds on a nearby wall with his fists, for being so stupid!!!
  7. I think it's an interesting thing how group mentality sometimes affects what we do. When we are with a group, we tend to react differently.

    I admit that watching other guys crash is interesting, though it would be very different if the result was bad.

    But I have seen several fatal motorcycle accidents on the track and several that resulted in serious injuries and that memory tends to colour my judgement a fair bit.

    Watching someone do something similar again on Tv or video tends to hurt a bit too much sometimes.