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crash thingies on a striple.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Joleda, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. So now that we have the new bikes, my OH said he wanted to purchase some crash knobs/Oggy knobs etc. I told him to hold the thought and I would do some research. So far what I have found is...
    1. They are crap, they break your bike. bla bla.
    2. Only get Oggy brand or KB racing brand for a street triple.
    3. They are awesome get them.
    4. They are good for stationary drops otherwise they flip your bike.

    now i dont know much about these things but I think more what OH is thinking is more something to help when he is going fast not slow.

    So my question essentially is, would getting KB racing sliders? (I think thats what they are called) be the go? or should I get sliders and knobby things or only knobby things, or am I crazy and are they the same thing!? :confused:
    Just reiterating these would be for a 13 Street Triple specifically.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other.

    Your research has uncovered the opinions that are out there and we won't be able to provide an empirical casting vote.

    If you think you have a high chance of dropping your new rides on the ground at very low speed - get them, that's where they help the most.

    There are too many factors in a higher speed road crash to say for certainty what value sliders, Oggy's etc will provide.
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  3. I have the oggy knobs fitted to my striple, and I was unfortunate enough to come off about 5 months ago. As you have already discovered there are many different views on about the protection they provide. I think 109er is on the money with his comments.

    In my case, I believe the oggy's saved the bike from a lot of damage. My bike went for a slide (and so did I, but that's another story) at about 55 kph. None of the plastics on the bike were damaged. In my opinion they probably saved about $1500 or more in potential damage so a good return on investment. Also, they provide good protection in case of a stationary drop.
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    I understand everyone has a different opinion on them.do you just have the crash knobs and not the sliders ultram?
    And sorry to hear about the spill, hope you were okay!
  5. I have the triumph ones, mainly because they look like they belong and were designed with the bike, and no-one recognises them as sliders.

    As to protection, because they don't stick out that far, I question how well they will go in a stationary drop, however, because they don't stick out that far and mount to two points, they might actually be very good in a slow speed or even high speed slide.

    But once again, slides are so random, you can only guess.
  6. I just have the oggy crash knobs. Unfortunately I suffered a broken leg in the the spill but I have nearly recovered now.
  7. I would never get them for a few reasons

    They are ugly as sin

    In more than 15 years I have never dropped a bike (crashed a few)

    Insurance is cheaper and doesn't alter the appearance of your bike

    I don't ride around worrying about what might happen

    IMO they scream out "I'm not very confident!"
  8. lol I found a few people saying that about the confidence thing. We havent dropped our bikes either, OH crashed into a police station but thats another story. Right before we were off to get trade in prices on the baby bikes OH's cbr decided to protest and fall over (was in gear with stand down) while we were moving the cars and bent the clutch lever etc a few scratches etc which is where I think this has all come from. He doesnt want his new baby having an accident now that its happened after 3 years of him having the same bike. IMO we dont really have that much fairing to worry about :rolleyes: But will put them on if he is stubborn about it.
  9. That's super unfortunate! so you have been off the bike the whole time?
  10. I had about 3 months off the bike. Accident was caused by a car changing lanes without looking.

    In regards to oggy knobs and confidence, I have been riding for 30 years and I am too old to care what other people think. The simple fact is accidents can and do happen and sometimes regardless of the riders skills and abilities. Depending on the circumstances, Oggys may save you from damage or an expensive insurance claim.
  11. Duly noted... I personally don't really care what other people think, I'm a 5'5 female security guard... I cop sh** all the time.
    Cars do that all the time to me, I beep my useless little horn at them and they do a sorry wave or they just look at you then go back to what they were doing. Evil Evil people... what happened to shoulder checks!
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  12. That's a story I'd like to read in more detail.
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  13. bahaha. Yes not his finest moment. Was 3 or so years ago. Went and did his Re course in one day, natural bla bla nailed it. Went to honda and bought a new cbr250r, riding it to work the very next day 530am ish - wasn't comfortable stopping and starting at lights yet (as we all are the first day) light went orange, he flew through it and straight into a cop stations fence - was so full of adrenalin he picked it up jumped straight back on the bike and flew off to work as fast as he could. They had to give him a spare uniform to wear that day.

    He never stacked it since at least. Though his bike had battle scars since day one of course. :ROFLMAO:
  14. Fantastic! I guess if you're going to hit something you may as well go for the epic hit.
    Glad he's not crashed since because he'd have to do something pretty spectacular to top that!

    Thanks for sharing, it put a smile on my face.
  15. When I got knocked off my last bike, it slid along the road on bar end sliders, oggys and rear spool until it hit the gutter oggy first. (on of those angled gutters they have on some roundabouts and median strips) the oggy bracket bent and went through the side of the engine. write off with hardly a scratch on the bike.
    don't have oggys this time but might get the triumph ones one day
  16. That would have been really annoying, sorry to hear. Might look into the trump ones then if he really wants them, I'm guessing they wouldnt design something that could cause more damage then good to their own bike. (hopefully)
  17. gb racing or nothing...
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  18. Hi Nosoh, Any reason why the GB racing Sliders are better than the Original Triumph ones?

    I was looking to get some Frame Sliders, Engine protection for my Striple

  19. Better off with engine case covers if anything and insurance!
    That way if it does go for a little slide it should be rideable without dumping the oil everywhere then you get it fixed when you get home, and if you crash it bad enough you get another one.
  20. I've got the Triumph crash protectors too. I think they actually improve the look of the bike. I'll let you know if they work if I ever drop it.