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Crash - Strange survival reaction

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by UDLOSE, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. #1 UDLOSE, Jul 13, 2012
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    We all know what survival reactions are on a motorbike, but anyone seen this one before?


    This guy had so many opportunities to save it, but pretty much chose to ditch it :S
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  2. no. i much prefer my hands complete
  3. wtf? Lets go of the handlebar to try and hold it up with his arm?
  4. Err, I am not so experienced, but I didnt see SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES, in slow mo and after the fact, it's easy to throw a comment like that. And not knowing his riding experience.. Anyhoo, my twobobs worth :)
  5. hahaha
    paddle paddle, i'm sinking !
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  6. Decked the peg & freaked out? Never seen that before...
  7. Initially the peg or hero knob scraped, there's an extremely low chance of that resulting in a crash. The normal survival reaction is to shut off the throttle which is what he did but he took his whole arm off the bar, which is what caused the front to go. I watched it over and over and the front did not slip from the peg, it goes as soon as he lets the throttle off. Had it been the peg that caused the front end slip and his hand was on the bar, getting back on the throttle would've saved it. All the same, a small front end slip like that can be saved, usually by getting back of the throttle. Amazingly the bike managed to come good despite the idiot not having his hand on the bar. The bike restabalized, all he needed to do was to turn just enough to stay on the road. That might have been pushing it, but why not run it off into the dirt run it up the hill or something? Instead he threw himself off it.

    There's been a few peg crashes like this on that channel but they all stem from the rider crapping themselves and panicking and causing a crash.
  8. Haven't seen the vid, but roll off causes the front to dive, lowering the bike, driving the peg harder into the deck. THAT can leads to a slide.
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  9. I think he panicked cause he was getting closer to the embankment as well. If he'd started his line a little wider, he would've had more room to play with. From where he was, a push on the left bar would've served him better than trying to push away with his right hand.

    Hope he learns from this. At least he has it on video to study what went wrong.
  10. Looks to me like the first thing that touches is his shoe. He doesn't have the bike that far over from what I can see, but his toe is hanging down beneath the brake pedal.

    Seems as though his foot started dragging which has pulled him off balance. Very quickly his foot is in a very screwed up position and without his other hand on the throttle to keep the bike steady he's really in the shitter.
  11. Hahahahha what a dick head, im almost glad riders in australia have to wait so long to get a full power bike, in the usa you can pass your test on a moped and get a busa the next day.

    But yeah he would have been fine with a bit of peg scrape had he not try to lift the motorcycle up with his hand? not sure that this guy knows how to steer.
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  13. Check out at 24secs, the rear goes sideways. He's decked the peg, lifted the rear. And Black is right, look at his foot - clear impact.

    I'm a bit surprised that's a ZX10r. I thought they had more ground clearance - maybe it was lowered.

    Grounding something isn't surprising given how crossed up he is. Where's his head in relation to his rear end? The bike is leaning more than it would need to. You get a good sense of how crossed up he is later from the behind shot.

    EDIT: Blacke, what the hell video package are you using. I think I need to get it!
  14. Yeh we are lucky to have the LAM system here, even if it seem like a punishment at the time.
  15. iMovie on the mac, and it completely rocks!!!

    And the best part? It's free!*

    *once you've paid for the mac
  16. Gotta say UDLOSE that this one's an excellent pick up. Thanks for sharing it.

    Once a month or so I watch the latest of rnickeymouse's videos. There's a wealth of information there on cornering done badly, and some textbook examples of what happens when you chop the throttle / fixate on the edge of the road / you name it.

    I'm a big believer in learning from others' mistakes and thereby hopefully not repeating them.
  17. No worries, I also watch the channel regularly, but this one really stood out. I'm a big believer in learning from other peoples mistakes too. Watching these videos would easily have you think that the corner is awful but when you see the good guys hit this corner its magic (not so much is this direction).

    I really believe it comes down to mostly mental strength. The theory is extremely important and these videos are great for that but if your too weak to put it into practice or make a the right decision instantly then your still screwed. If you go into a state of panic your in trouble. Ive had plenty of times where i'm running a little hot into a corner and my brain is screaming at me "let go of the brakes and tip in!!!" on loop until I give in and do it. To me that's not panic, the adrenaline has kicked in but your still thinking straight.
  18. See this is why you should buy gloves with the knox palm sliders system. He could have just put his palm down to act as a 3rd wheel and ride it out.
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  19. The thing that gets me is this it's his throttle hand.

    Not sure what to make of the LAMS comments, however. I agree that it's so easy for riders in the US to jump on any bike they want, but I'm not sure how it relates to this crash. If anything, unless as Robsalvv has mentioned it has been lowered, the kind of bike he is on gives him more clearance than a 250 learner bike.
  20. He is just so bad that he shouldnt be on such a bike, im guessing this guy has not been riding long judging by he almost worse than new rider skills. Thing with lams is it at least puts new riders on bikes that are low powered hard to get into trouble with, lams bikes often do not display the things that full power bike do, like compression locks, throttle chop causing front to wash, highside from too much power, etc the bikes just simply arnt that powerful.

    Anyway it means everyone has at least a year or so hopefully of throttle control practise and can ride at least at a level better than this.