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Crash Stats

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kelly, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Don't know if someone has already posted this (I did a forum search with no luck)

    Vic Roads has a Java Applet program that lets you run all sorts of queries and find out useful information of every reported crash in Victoria.
    The program is quite complex and a little tricky to use at first (there are instructions though)


    For example:
    Select Frankston from "Municipalities"
    "All sites"
    "Read made Query"
    Select date range and "Motorbike casualty accidents"
    Try using the "label road" button and click on a road. Also click on "non classified roads" for more detail.

    It now shows me on the map that over the past 5 years there were 3 motorcycle accidents with casualties at the intersection of Nepean Hwy & Davey Hastings Rd.

    I highly recommend you give it a try and make a mental note of the worst areas for motorcycle accidents that are relevent to you...
  2. Excellent site Kelly!!! Does take a little while to drive it, and of course map detail could be better. But very usefull info!!!

  3. Very nifty. I like.

    Discovered there's a few too many casualty accidents on the Rosebud-Flinders Rd (7), and some more accidents on some roads I like down here. Not surprising really: the roads with the accidents are the ones of very poor quality.

    EDIT2: Also feel vindicated that there have been no casualty accidents where I've copped my speeding fines. Damn revenue-mongering. :p
  4. Very cool programme Kelly!! It's a handy little piece of work. It could prove very useful when debating with government over the reasoning behind the placement of revenue-raisers, speed traps and traffic lights.

  5. Ah but guys - that argument would be turned around to "the are no/few crashes/injuries there BECAUSE we put cameras (etc) there - so we SAVED you!"....

    The clowns can twist anything to suit themselves!

  6. But then they would need to demonstrate that they had put cameras in those locations consistently for the the last 5 years, and enough 'coverage time' to make them effective in that manner. :)
  7. they can't do that where I am...bayside
    the cameras disappear when its school holidays ..not one to be seen
    and mysteriously re-appear the day the schools go back*
    and even stranger..the cameras are nowhere near schools
    and always seem to be down hills when they re-appear

    *do accidents go on holidays too??? :shock:

    sounds more like revenue raising than road safety

    gawd, I am getting cynical in my ol' age
    guess I am just a GOM :LOL:
  8. I use a disk lock. But who the hell would steal a ten year old 250 when its surrounded by brand new big shiny european sports bikes?

    anyway, when I get off restrictions and upgrade I'll get a cable as well.
  9. Man, I did a quick search of motorcycle casualties for the last five financial years in Casey there's been 127. Perhaps a high risk area?
  10. Wrong thread, buddy? :LOL:

    There's no way someone can convince me Victorian speed cameras are really designed purely for safety. They're there to enforce laws, whether they're just or not. In addition, they whack on some hefty fines and lower tolerances to prop-up the budget a little more. :evil:
  11. i agree - it's been said ad nauseum but just because speed was a factor in an accident, doesn't mean it was the cause... eg if a seatbelt wasn't worn, that was not the cause, just a factor resulting in further injury.

    Therefore the for the most part, speed may only result in further injuries, not cause the accident... in turn, speed cameras must only be about eliminating 'eccessive speed' from the crash equation. You could pick hundreds of factors that cause injury in a crash, but speed is the easiest to enforce!

    The fact that you were moving, then suddenly stopped and was chopped to bits, regardless of speed, is the issue.

    Quick poll: how many people have crashed when they were sneaking in a 140kmh overtaking manouver in on the freeway?

    Now, how many have crashed doing the speed limit due to any factor?

    Sorry for rambling, but I'm a bit wound up - 2 drivers cut me off today (i wasn't speeding/breaking laws either), one was a real moment, and yet I passed 3 cops speed traps on FREEWAYS - not saving any lives, just taking peoples money on dead straight roads when they should have been sorting out the tools i had to deal with.
  12. you can look up your own accident...
  13. Crashes do happen on these dead-straight freeways of which you speak. However, I think very few are speed related, and most are from fatigue. A lot of people get tired checking their speed every 5 seconds... I can understand why! Shortly after I was fined, I paid special attention to my speedo - at the expense of breaking my concentration and losing my 'feel' for where the cars were around me.

    Safe, sure. :p
  14. Hey I found my self!!
    MEL ED30, 2G F11, 2080 3.101 Km Melbourne
    At (Southern Link Tollway,Punt) Hoddle Hwy & Kelso Street
    Serious injury, No control, 12/6/1998, Fri 16:10
    0 killed, 1 serious inj. 0 other inj. 1 not inj.
    121 Right through T bone!!
    Day Dry Clear it was 6 degres
    Stn. wagon, N(1), Motor cycle, S(2), TOTAL VEH=2
    Driver 44 M Not injured Motor cyclist 21 M Sent to hospital
    60 km/hr Urban Melb Exc. CAD

    The station wagon was a brand new WRX turbo crap wagon... with 500Km on the clock... (the guy was going through a mid life crices)

    The bike was a GSX250 (mid 80's) LOL the WRX was a total write off it bent in half... my bike could have been fixed for $1000...