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crash sliders

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by beans07, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get some crash sliders wether it be Oggy or any other brand for my GSX650F?

    I am worried about dropping it as I am a learner and really want that little extra protection.
  2. Walk into a bike shop and ask for them? They normally pull out a book and look up the price for ya. Otherwise use google to find some online motorbike stores. Or get your local mechanic to order some in.

    Remember that some brands may require you to cut a hole in the fairing to make them fit.
  3. Thus far google has only came up with one set and they are gsg moto branded and bloody expensive at $260 US by the time they are shipped it will be about $350.00

    I will try the local bike shop but I am not hopeful of getting any.

    EDIT: with current conversion it is more like $380 plus shipping. If I can find it in Europe it may be cheaper though.
  4. try ebay, they are also known as frame sliders :)
  5. Hi Beans ,there is a few types and styles ,can't remember who of the top of my head. :oops:
    Like the guys said some you need to cut the fairing and some you don't ,they have a L braket to line up with the whole in the fairing ,not sure how good they would be since its not 100% straight onto the frame. :?

    Check out the 650F site ,its got 100 links for heaps of mods for our bike.

  6. I just got aquote from the Aussie importer for the R&G's and they are $500 shipped which IMO is way out of hand in pricing. Delrin and metal isn't that expensive what a ripoff.

    I have found some PUIG ones for $85 euro's which is better but haven't problems finding them at a site other than German.
  7. Yeah I looked at a few and the cost was a joke :shock: ,85 euro is still abit. :?
  8. I found some here in OZ at what I would consider a good price.

    $169 for the PUIG branded ones from a place that imports the PUIG parts into Melbourne.

    Anyone wants some contact roadrocket.com.au