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Crash risk higher for black cars

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nous, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Press release from Monash Uni: http://www.monash.edu.au/news/newsline/story/1190

    What a lot of us have suspected for a while:

    Does this mean I should reduce my lust for a matte-black VTR250? :(

    And does this again raise the importance of wearing hi-visibility clothing when riding?

    As concluded, it's roadskills that play the biggest factor in crash risk anyway.

    But can't help wondering if there's a connection between colour of car purchased and the driving habits/skills of the buyer. Are high-risk people more likely to buy black cars, for example? A long shot, but just a thought.

  2. last time is was grey cars are harder to see than black...people must be able to see them now...so i guess next time it may even be green cars!!!!!
  3. I know that yellow bikes are known to be the most visible on the road. Black must be the most least visible (damn, i have a jet-black bike :? ).

    I don't think black cars attract high risk drivers at all. Most high risk drivers I see drive crappy old cars with different coloured body panels. haha
  4. Cooking right now so I can't check, but the Hurt report points out that riders with 100% white helmets are significantly less involved in multi-vehicle crashes than those with any other colour, or multicoloured helmets.

    Whether this reflects on the visibility of a white helmet or the kinds of rider who would choose a white helmet who knows. ;)

    I have a black minimonster but try to compensate by wearing a bright red armour jacket, 'n a black + white helmet, heh.
  5. yay for a yellow bike...

    ... doesn't do sh!t on a naked bike...
  6. I had a perfect illustration of this tonight.
    Riding home in the dark, with heavy traffic in the oncoming lane I had a lot of headlight dazzle. I pulled into the RH lane to overtake slower traffic, and became aware of a kind of "black hole" in the vicinity of the road ahead - nor a shape so much as an area where there wasn't any light.
    Gap in the traffic? maybe, but it didn't change, and sure enough as I got closer it became apparent that it was a black car that had pulled across two lanes of oncoming traffic to sit and wait for a gap to sslot into.
    I swear that it was near to invisible. If I had nailed the throttle at that point, I would have been toast :shock:
  7. Black ones are faster at night, when you are being chased by the cops
  8. hmmmmm.......i have a solid white helmet (simpson rx8 drag) and yet the only time i have had an incident involving another vehicle i was wearing it,. all the other crashes i have had were either total stupdity on my behalf or just 'shit happens'
  9. According to the article, the other options(Candy red and Blue) are not too far behind the black. Get the bike you want and always remember to ride around knowing that any car could pull out at you at ANY time. And get a LOUD muffler for the vtr :wink: [/quote]
  10. "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You! nice coloured bike you got there. well, what's left of it..."
  11. Plenty of yellow bikes at the wreck auctions! :p

    What does it matter the colour of your bike if the drivers aren't looking? It's a bit 'if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a noise?' isn't it.
  12. Holy crap, I just bought a black car.
    And my current car is silver!