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crash recovery troubles

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kyp, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    Finally I have manage to crash my Firestorm, not severely but r/h side radiator past away(bent the front of it). I've got the spare one off the wreck, installed all the staff back a filled the coolant up to the level. Now the problem is that my cooling fan just doesn't kick in when it should. The fan is working, i have checked it by hooking the thermo switch wire to the earth and it spins. The switch is working also as it came from working cooling system. Just have no idea what to do. The only things left are thermostat and water pump which I can think about, but it looks like both radiators are getting hot simultaneously. And the water pump I think is ok as the coolant level goes down when revving the engine, sooo.... No clue what/how to fix/check....

    Please help.

  2. Could be thermostat, Pete from Everything two wheels found one where a faulty thermostat meant one radiator got hotter than the other and so the thermo fan would not start.

    See: http://www.everythingtwowheels.com.au/?p=114
  3. I've seen that article. But in his case there were significant difference in temperature 40C and 90C, mine seem to be identically hot by touch though. I'll by IR thermometer tomorrow to check what they are exactly.
  4. silly me!!!! I've got it sorted. Simply lost the ground off the radiator.
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