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crash question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by summers000, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. just wondering if someone on here can help me out.
    if a car and motorbike crash, and the car has quiet a few illegal modifications. Does this mean the car will not be covered by insurance? also would the bikes insurance have to pay for the damages to the car (which is unroadworthy due to modifications)?

    If anyone can help me with this i would greatly appreciate it.
  2. it depends whos fault the crash is... doesnt matter about modifications or anything, whoever is found to be at fault has to pay for everything (either from insurance or otherwise)

    so if a motorbike crashes into a highly illegal modified car and the bike is at fault, the bike owner will pay for everything

    and the car owner might get a fine for driving an illegal vehicle and/or get a canary etc
  3. thanks for ur help
  4. so where the blame is 50/50 by the cops the bikers insurance would look after him, but the car guys insurance prolly would look at his car see the mods and tell him to go jump?
  5. Hard to say, but ultimately, as long as YOU'RE covered, who cares what happens to a car with illegal modifications?
    Perhaps if this wasn't a hypothetical but we knew all the facts there might be a more specific answer.
  6. it may be that if the car is modified to a point where the in-sewer-ants tells their insured to go jump then it's up to your in-sewer-ants co. to make everything right and to then pursue mr fault for costs.

    And as Hornet says, who gives a rats fat about the other guy, as long as YOU are covered.
  7. If the car is at fault and the insurance co checks the car and finds illeagal mods then the company can decline a payment. It would then be up to your insurance co to fix your bike and chase the money from the car owner. but if you dont have insurance, big mess coming up..
  8. Does this happen these days ?? My recent experience in a similar situation (two cars both didn't look and both reversed into each other), one driver (luckily the one that wasn't my GF) was found to be "more" at fault and made to pay.

    This could have just been this one time, but I got the feeling that it was the done thing.