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Crash protection for new CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Admiral Thrawn, May 12, 2008.

  1. Anyone know where I can get covers for the engine of my '08 CBR600RR?

    I believe the carbon-fibre ones that Ten Kate Honda use are glued on; not sure where they got them, or if they were made in-house.

    Other crash protection I want to put on the bike includes:

    fork protectors
    fairing protectors
    swingarm protectors
    bar end protectors

    The stuff on http://www.rg-racing.com/ looks pretty neat.

  2. I've heard the R&G stuff is very good quality. Might look at the swingarm and fork protectors myself...
  3. Get an ankle protector too, Dougz
  4. Don't laugh mate. There is another style of protection that you need, but it is a few months too late.....this time anyway.
  5. Lapping at his heels again are you??

    Looks pretty good. I found the link to R&G in the long-term test article Superbike magazine did about the '07 CBR600RR (which the journo crashes, and turns into a race bike :) ).

  6. You Star :!: Thanks for the link to the article mate :grin:

    Rog - :rofl:
  7. so have you run the maths A.T.? how much in OZ dollars to set up all that do you reckon? i'm in the process of buying a K5 GSXR750 and it'll be on the track a fair bit I'd reckon, so I'd like to get some insurance for low-sides at the least. never knew you could get swingarm/bar-end/fork sliders. thanks for the heads-up.
  8. Fork protectors ~ $90
    Middle sliders / oggys (comes with brackets to bolt to chassis, no fairing modification required) ~ $329
    Swingarm protectors $ ???
    Engine covers ~ $230 for each side

    So all up I'd say it would come close to $1000.