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crash proof motorcycle prototype

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by MT1, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. (heres one for Rob)
    the future is nearing. with a German engineering company prototype of the smart bike.
    claimed to be crash proof with the aid of sophisticated onboard computer technology to pevent rider error.

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  2. LMFAO.
    Is this fake??
    If not.
    Well he's an idiot for not checking before pulling out, isn't he?
    If so.
    Brilliant video, classic German ingenuity at work here, I couldn't agree more.
  3. maybe it's just me, but just because a driver has looked your way, doesn't mean he's seen you.

    ***edit** hadn't watched all the way through, it makes a good point.
  4. Lmfao thats awesome.
  5. an oldie but a goody!
  6. Yeah, that's been going around for a decade. Still funny but.
    They were Cherman engineers, Ja?

    It's hard making stuff idiot proof. Idiots are so resourceful.
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  8. Funny. But poignant.
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  10. Seriously?!
  11. Duh the point is that you can invent as much technology as you like with ABS, traction control, anti-car laser turrets and whatever else, but there's no safety device better than the thing between your ears, so learn how to ride properly buy buying their lessons.
  12. That's the one.
  13. Seen my sig Whiteyy?
  14. Ah, I knew i was plagiarizing that quote from somewhere :D
  15. .....whoosh

    EDIT: lol rob you shouldn't be on the internet so late, your brain just switches off
  16. Hahahahaha.....oh dear
  17. Aren't your sarcasm circuits working very well Azam??

    What do you think the video that a training mob paid for, was saying?
  18. I'm assuming that it's the same video that's been around for ages so didn't watch it, but doesn't it going along the lines of "blah blah super motorbike can't crash" then proceeds to get cleaned up when the rider pulls out in front a truck?

    So if it were a viral marketing campaign as mentioned above then wouldn't they be saying that you can't rely on the best tech to keep you safe (like you do), and hence you should give them your delicious money and live happily ever after?

    EDIT: just skipped to the end and saw the final annotations, it's an ad for their company, not a training video

    EDIT2: I'm a ****ing retard, as you were gentlemen
  19. hahahahaha.......dear oh dear