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crash photos - visor vs owl & bike vs car (fatal)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mjc, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. this one just happened on mothers day just gone. (a sunday arvo) car versus bike at the karana downs merge (brisbane bound) of the warrego highway. i got on scene just as the rescue chopper was landing. patient was stablised on scene (quite a while) and then air lifted to the pa hospital with head and chest injuries. mri showed cerebral oedema (fluid in the brain) and the patient was rushed to emergency surgery to try and relieve the pressure. from that point on im not sure of the specifics of what happened, but my understanding is he died on the tuesday.

    full photo set is here

    surveying the crash scene, may 2006

    the bike is in pretty good shape, may 2006

    police investigators look at the bike while rescue crews move the patient, may 2006

    rescue crews and paramedics transport the patient to the rescue 500 helicopter, may 2006

    police investigators do their work while the patient is prepared to be loaded, may 2006

    trainee investigator looks at the bike while the patient is prepared, may 2006

    rescue crews and paramedics load the patient into the rescue 500 helicopter, may 2006

    police investigator inspecting the bike tyre whilst the patient is loaded, may 2006

    rescue 500 helicopter takes to the air with patient on board, may 2006

    and..... a slightly more personal incident.. some time ago i was coming home, i live on 50+ acres in a rural area, i had rounded the bend past the nearby township and cracked open the throttle ('01 cbr 600 f4i) for the 1-2km stretch of dense bushand before coming to the open paddocks where the kangaroos like to jump across the road and i like to slow right down :) it was reasonably late in the evening and quite dark and i was doing quite a substantial speed lets put it that way.. i had a moment of recognition of an object exiting the bushland to my left and the realisation we were on a collision course and there was absolutely nothing i could do, i did not even have time to hit the brakes the whole thing happened so quick... i knew what was going to happen but was powerless to do anything about it.. the object was the biggest frigging tawny frogmouth i have seen for quite a while (people call them owls but they are really related to the nightjar family) ... the bird smacked directly into the front of my helmet, nearly knocking me unconcious and throwing me off the bike..... i almost blacked out and was fighting to see the road amongst the flashing spots and stars in my vision.. i managed to pull the bike up and for about 100 metres behind me there was a trail of feathers leading back to the dead bird.. i put the bird beside a roadside marker, grabbed it and took these photos the following morning.. had a sore jaw, neck and shoulders for about a week..

    tawny frogmouth got owned, november 2005

    tawny frogmouth got owned, november 2005

    impact point on the visor, november 2005

    helmet and tawny for size comparison, november 2005

    hope you like the pics :)