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crash photos - bike vs car (fatal)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjc, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. this one just happened on mothers day just gone (a sunday arvo).... car versus bike at the karana downs merge (brisbane bound) of the warrego highway. i got on scene just as the rescue chopper was landing. patient was stablised on scene (quite a while) and then air lifted to the pa hospital with head and chest injuries. mri showed cerebral oedema (fluid in the brain) and the patient was rushed to emergency surgery to try and relieve the pressure. from that point on im not sure of the specifics of what happened, but my understanding is he died on the tuesday.

    full photo set is here

    surveying the crash scene, may 2006

    the bike is in pretty good shape, may 2006

    and..... a slightly more personal incident.. some time ago i was coming home, i live on 50+ acres in a rural area, i had rounded the bend past the nearby township and cracked open the throttle ('01 cbr 600 f4i) for the 1-2km stretch of dense bushand before coming to the open paddocks where the kangaroos like to jump across the road and i like to slow right down :) it was reasonably late in the evening and quite dark and i was doing quite a substantial speed lets put it that way.. i had a moment of recognition of an object exiting the bushland to my left and the realisation we were on a collision course and there was absolutely nothing i could do, i did not even have time to hit the brakes the whole thing happened so quick... i knew what was going to happen but was powerless to do anything about it.. the object was the biggest frigging tawny frogmouth i have seen for quite a while (people call them owls but they are really related to the nightjar family) ... the bird smacked directly into the front of my helmet, nearly knocking me unconcious and throwing me off the bike..... i almost blacked out and was fighting to see the road amongst the flashing spots and stars in my vision.. i managed to pull the bike up and for about 100 metres behind me there was a trail of feathers leading back to the dead bird.. i put the bird beside a roadside marker, grabbed it and took these photos the following morning.. had a sore jaw, neck and shoulders for about a week..


    hope you like the pics :)
  2. Wow... poor dude :( ... and poor owl....

    Dunno if this thread will stay with WAY more than 3 pics in the one post.. :)
  3. yeah my apolgoies ive just realised this was the rules, in which case, i think ill just go back to using bikechatforums.com since there is no wierd image rules and people post crash pics etc all the time. unfortunately, i signed up and posted directly to the general discussion forum and i missed the link from the forum index which mentions the 3 image limit.

    in any case, im providing img links to jpgs on my server, it costs this site absolutely nothing in terms of traffic, im not sure why we take off-site img links and thumbnail them with javascript.. think about it, youve already received the data, whats the point in resizing the image unless you get a bandwidth saving during the download of the image. thumbnailing after youve already taken a hit on downloading the graphic is pointless?

    i take on board the photo gallery concept, but this requires you to take copies of my photos which infringes on my copyright and nowhere did i authorise my photos to be copied without my permission.. if you expect professional grade photos to be published then you have to expect that the author wishes to protect the copyright surrounding his works.

    obviously netrider isnt friendly towards people who post images, but im yet to understand why, since they arent the ones who are actually serving the images so i can only conclude that there is no technical/internet/network design reason for doing so which is somewhat confusing and a shame.. im guessing i wont last long here :) which is a shame, cos im an aussie, but whats the point if i cant post pics :)

    can we have a photos forum? :)
  4. Booga is correct ;)
  5. Once you realised that you could only post 3 pics per post, you should have just linked the other pics before I had to delete them.
    Feel free to post links but there is a max of 3 pics per post :)
  6. Re: crash photos - visor vs owl & bike vs car (fatal)

    Like? Mate, I loved them! Doesn't everyone?! Can't get enough of pictures from the scene of crash that resulted in a death. Get my kicks outta that, just like everyone else.

    Bugger off back to yer other forums.
  7. i was trying to, the preview looked fine, but every time i tried to press submit to repost the entry, it goes to https://netrider.net.au/forums/posting.php in the location bar but i just get a blank page and the posting never gets changed.

    have noticed a couple of these

    The connection has timed out

    The server at netrider.net.au is taking too long to respond.

  8. Re: crash photos - visor vs owl & bike vs car (fatal)

    mate, my father in law got killed on his harley when a semi coming down the range jacknifed, and im a fellow rider who rides 100km round trip every day in urban highway and rural environments. what kind of sick f$&# do you think i am that i would post crash scene photos for other riders to get a "kick" from? :~( just because i said i hope you like the pics doesn't mean i hope you like what happened in the pics and was more so in reference in the photos of me getting smacked in the visor by what some people haved called the f$&$ing ugliest bird they have ever seen.

    in my father in laws case, he was a law abiding rider who got a trailer jacknifed in front of him. in this case, the rider was splitting highway traffic, and he has paid the ultimate price for the consequences of his actions. these kind of photos arent for anyone to get a kick out of, they are to serve as a warning to the rest of us that you dont do stupid stuff on the road and get away with it forever.

    in terms of the graphic nature of the photos, looking at a bike that has slid on the knobs and a rider being transported is nothing, you want graphic? here, have a look at this gsxr-1000 rider who failed to negotiate a bend in north queensland at 290kmh. or whats left of him... again, we the price for the consequence of our actions. you will only dodge a bullet for so long.




    every time i am tempted to split traffic or do something stupid because someone is frustrating me on the highway, i think of these kind of photos. every time i get on my bike i think to myself of these kind of photos and that i do not want to end up the same way all because i was stupid for 5 seconds on the road.

    as a rider there are things that are within your control and things that are not within your control. splitting traffic and doing double the speed limit are decisions conciously made by the rider. you may get away with it hundreds of times, until that one time you come unstuck, and then you pay the ultimate price.

    personally, ive had a gutful of retards on the road, ive taken to videoing my sunday rides for this exact reason. eg, next idiot that throws a cigarette in front of me is going to get a nice visit from the police, EPA and local council.

  9. That pics been around for ages and claimed to be from all different countrys.

    I think it would be best as links not as little embeded pics, dont you think?
  10. Nothing to do with cost and everything to do with speed. Images cause heartache for those on dialup. We like to cater for as many people as possible. For those on Broadband, the images are only a click away.

    Once an image is displayed on the internet, it is open for theft, you cannot prevent anyone taking your pictures, not even you with the right click disable script ;)

    Being an Aussie does not exclude you from the requirement to abide by the site's current Terms & Conditions.
    Netrider IS friendly towards people who post images, but as my first paragraph states, we cater for as many people as possible so we restrict images in posts for those unfortunate enough to be on dial up.

    We have one, it's called Multimedia ;)
  11. So it's ok to post this drek because it's bike related, but it's a waste of time wishing someone a happy birthday (you know, connecting riders???)

    what we've come to :cry:
  12. never said it was new nor original thats just 2 of a number of pics which were forwarded to me by a person who was a cop in nq at the time and claimed certain details..

    if that is preferred by people, sure?
  13. Are you trying to communicate a problem Paul? there are avenues that are available to you. I'm sure you've been around long enough to realise that :roll:
  14. i'm with jmuzz on this one ... about the pics being links

    i already cop flack from my kids about riding ... what if one of them had been standing behind me and saw that

    i would never had heard the end of it !!!
  15. Just grumpy, mate, sorry :grin:
  16. totally understandable, and makes sense, was just trying to make you guys aware by resizing things in javascript you're doing it after the fact, and the thumbnails always look crap because IE resizes them with a crappy algorithm that doesnt use quantified pixel resize, hence the thumbnails look choppy/sharp. :)

    ;) right click save javascript prevention is just to stop your average joe who doesnt even know how to point and click, anyone with a clue (or anyone using firefox) will just go straight through it like it isnt there. fortunately copyright legislation is becoming increasingly effective for dealing with such things, in the event the copied works surface in the wild.

    man honestly i didnt know and before you say the t&c is there as proud as a honey mooners d&#* i saw post i was going to reply to and i signed up and went straight to the general forum, i honestly looked for rules before i posted but i never went to the index, which is my stupdity and i apologise. as ive said i went to correct it as soon as i could but i kept getting basically a blank page when i submit the form and i had to leave work :(

    who looks like the village idiot now? sighs.

  17. look, as a rider who has a lost a family member and still rides every day, i can empathise with your position, and theirs, HOWEVER

    look at the subject of the posting?

    hello mcfly?

    crash photos - visor vs owl & bike vs car (fatal)

    how much more obvious do you need me to make it? dont want to look at fatal crash scene photos with your kids standing around? well just dont click the posting? you are conciously clicking a link which tells you there are crash scene fatal photos, and then complaining about what you see. ?!?!?!?


  18. sure ... but when i look at crash pics ... i expect to see photos of crashed objects ... not body bits heaped together in a pile

    a warning that photos were 'graphic' would've been nice !!

    not to mention that the subject matter was bike vs car etc. .... absolutely nothing about human remains
  19. man i just cant win can i.



    damned if you do, damned if you dont.


    -edit- it looks like a couple of paragaphs before hand have also been accidently choped. ive put them back, and the warning as requested.
  20. man ... stop yelling

    i originally posted my gripe b4 it was changed to links

    no need for further discussion !!