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Crash on St Kilda Rd a few weeks ago

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by twisties, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. I've been utterly lazy about posting up a detailed account of the event and some pics but I've just picked up the new bike and thought I better give the old one a good send off.

    Here's the original post about it https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=114740


    Left work on St Kilda road and headed towards the city.
    Had just passed the tram stop at Commercial road when a bloke in an old fairlane turned across my path from the other side of the tram tracks to head into Louise Street.

    He didn't slow down at all, just turned and went for it.

    I braked, hard, and subsequently locked up the front wheel sending me and the bike to the ground on the right side.
    I slid off onto the tram track, got up, ran back to flick the killswitch but it choked itself from burning oil before I got to it.
    Did a quick check of myself, nothing hurting, draggings copped a bit on the right knee but didn't break through the Kevlar. (These things rock!, so I bought another pair :D )

    Turns out the bike slid into the back wheel of the car, which unluckily for the bike was a pretty solid target.

    The driver stopped and was pretty good about it actually and offered to call the police. I did yell at him for wrecking the bike I just spent $f**loads on for an engine rebuild but I felt bad about that later when the cop told me the guy was absolutely beside himself thinking the thud on his car was me :|

    The cop that attended was a rider/bike cop so he was cool and helpful, thanked us both for being so calm about it (well, after my initial outburst).

    Got the all clear from the ambo and a tradie who saw from behind helped me drag the bike off the road and gave his statement to the police.
    Fault was on the driver and the cop said he'd be sending the guy a penalty notice for failing to give way.

    Next day... Soooooore shoulder, soooore side when coughing (Had to go and get a cold too didn't I) but the soreness only lasted two days and I didn't find one bruise on me anywhere :)

    Swann insurance were top notch with the claim and I was fully paid out for my gear, camera (was in my pocket) and bike in just over two weeks.

    Anyhoo, have some pics!

  2. Lucky to walk out,
    heal well..
  3. Those photo's are a bit blurry... glad you got a new camera :p
  4. Yeah the pics were crappy phone ones. The camera I had in my pocket was my ContourHD Helmet Cam which only does video, not stills. Could've been interesting if I'd had the damn thing recording lol.
  5. wow... lucky to have walked away scott free... wicked crazy smashed up bike :D

    so... going to get back on a bike? and what you going to get?

    yeah, the photos are crappy... +1 to to being glad about new camera :p
  6. Glad your ok, sad to see a bike just laying there bleeding like that
  7. Glad you were OK, that broken fork is rather unsettling. :(
  8. Always good to see people walk away from these these

    Shots of the bike are kind of gruesome, blood red coolant (I presume) all over the place.

    Good to hear you walked away and that the insurance etc has all gone relatively hassle free
  9. It's very sad seeing it lying on it's side like that. You do get the same vibes as a wounded animal - I think it's cause we like bikes too much.

  10. Funnily enough, I hopped on my work mate's pillion seat for a ride part way home afterwards :p

    And I just bought myself a 2007 Yamaha FZ1S last night :)
  11. You know, if you had not have hit his car, there is every possibility he would have been blissfully unaware of you going down, and continued driving, leaving you with the excess and a negligent driving charge.

    Blessings come in disguise.
  12. This is Vic, not NSW. The police don't have to find someone wrong in a one vehicle collision. They can look at the evidence and take other things into account. That and the fact that the OP had a wtiness stop and assist who gave a statement to the police. That in itself is the biggest blessing. So often people see a crash and just drive on without stopping.

    Glad the OP is okay despite the pain. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I suppose that is if they haven't shot you first...
  14. Ouchie...amazing you were fine (well almost), how fast were you going?
    Also great to hear that swann insurance is reliable :)
    So not all bad eh? new bike!
  15. Jaysus! Fork Snappage... Lucky it wasn't one of your legs mate. Good to see you're back on the road with a nice new toy.
  16. Didn't think I was going that fast actually, it wasn't far from the intersection Id just left from.
    I dare say the amount of damage was thanks to the bike hitting the rear wheel of the car, not the bodywork. A much less forgiving target to hit.