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Crash Knobs for 2007 model Z750 ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by shaggy, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all!

    Just picked up a brand spankin' new Z750 and unfortunately it's already had a little bit of a lie down. I was pushing it out of the garage when my foot slipped and the bike lent over a little bit too far and went down. Only a few minor scratches and a broken lever...
    :( :(

    So I am looking for some crash knobs for my new beast in case something similar decides to happen!

    The guy at the Kwaka shop said that no-one has made crash knobs for the '07 model yet (the engine mounts have changed from last years model) and I was wondering if anyone here might know if anyone has already released some? :?:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey all I am answering myself here in case anyone comes along looking for the same thing. :grin:

    I have found out that R&G have knobs for the '07 z750 - here

    I am waiting to here back from the Kwaka dealer as he said the guys at Ozzy Knobs may have something. If I find out anything more I will follow up here.

    Happy Riding everyone! :!:
  3. Hi Shaggy,

    any luck with the crash knobs? any chance of providing some figures?


  4. Hey kt,

    I haven't got any knobs for mine yet.

    The guys from Oggy Knobs are apparently about 5 weeks away from having theirs ready - so I am going to wait and see how much they are going to be before deciding which ones to get.

    Happy Riding!
  5. I just bought a Z750 last wek & am loving it. If you havent looked allready check out teh UK Kawasaki site & look at the accesories they are going to have for the Z , it includes some diferent looking "mushrooms" . plus some other cool stuff. If you could let us know what prices you paid for this stuff that would be great. Has anyone got a pipe on theirs yet? Which one & how much for it . I am looking at a few at the moment.
  6. Thanks Shaggy..

    Good one Zoot. Same here, i picked up my bike 2 weeks ago, and love it..

    Check this out, might be of interest to you is on ebay, search for "MIVV EXHAUST SILENCER Z750" .. sorry matie, newbie here, unable to post link yet.
  7. hahaha, yep KT , have been lookin at that , they are quoting $90 Oz to ship to us, so for less that $600 you can get the X cone. Here are some other prices I have been quoted over teh last few days:

    Akrapovic carbon or titanium $1120

    Leo Vince Factory titanium Evo II $1099

    Leo Vince GP style Evo II $719

    Laser Duo Tech retails from $630 (stainless) to $799 (Carbon & Titanium) $835 Hot cam ( Titanium & Carbon).

    None of teh local pipe makers have one , but a couple are willing to make one if your serious. Not sure which way I am going, I am loath to spen 1K on a zorst , so maybe either the Mivv x cone or the Leo Vince GP , both "cone style" .

    The Akra looks shit hot.
  8. Gents,

    Any news on availability of a crash knobbs on the Z750 07 model yet?
  9. Because im a fool the knobs are not something i am specifically looking for right now. But I have come across some on teh net in my trawls for various mods. I will try & find teh ones I have seen & let you know. They are out there, just gotta spend some time looking.