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Crash Investigation Unit next Monday - 25th - Wisemans Ferry

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Will be interesting to watch

    Spencer: A motor bike and a car have collided in what appears to be the dead centre of the road - but there are no lane markings and confusing gouge marks which turn this crash into a mystery.

    Long synopsis: The Crash Unit's newest recruit has a mystery on his hands. On a rural road, a motor bike and a car have collided in what appears to be the dead centre of the road - but there are no lane markings and confusing gouge marks in the road mean the team must explore every detail to establish the exact point of impact. It's a process of elimination and this case will keep you windering until the end.
  2. Typical out there,hug left in the blind corners
  3. It's got me windering already.
  4. sounds very familiar scenario to me. the answer may surprise.
  5. Sounds interesting goz just hope it's not another motorbike bashing program . Let's see :)
  6. confusing gouge marks possibly footpegs?
  7. the wife did it!

    Oh hang on, im watching another investigative mystery show lol.....................carry on.

    Hey Goz, is there a youtube for it?
  8. Hasn't been aired to tv yet
  9. Think it was last weeks show, an accident involving a car and bike,
    kurrajong rd, mt druitt, was a good watch....
  10. Ooh ooh ooh. I should probably watch this and see what they come up with, given my new line of work & training. :)
  11. ... Professional Cheetah?? ...
  12. it was the carbon tax, no it was socialism, no it was red's under the bed's, the domino theory, whatever bat sh*t tony abbott says it is....
  13. Well, this cheetah has been asked to provide The Court with his opinion on speed once so far. ;)
  14. So who watched it?
  15. I watched it and actually stayed glued to the TV because of it..............................

    The bike split apart in half on impact, the rider suspected spinal. The bike was a privately imported bike. Police tested both vehicles and found that vehicle didnt contribute to the accident........................

    Gouge marks on the roads. The police measured up everything and the Camry driver (old local) was found to be over the middle of the road. The rider also went to the middle because its what weve been taught to do i.e. going out wide to see more of the corner and then going in...................the police charged the old Camry driver.

    However courts ruled that the driver wasnt at fault because of lack of road markings................................

    Local Council moved in the day after the accident marking up the road for repairs. Police also looked at road conditions as a factor. The road wasnt the best especially at the sides..................

    Overall a good show and wasnt MC bashing.
  16. Plus the mention his front tyre was brand new
  17. I ride there a lot and worked at St Aubans every weekend for a couple of years building and when they said the car was driven by an 85 year old local I kinda guessed who would be in the middle of the road,the St Aubans side is narrower and I lost count how many times I had close calls heading home after dark.You absolutely need to hug the left on all the blind corners
  18. just to correct you, its St Albans, and ye i ride there quite a fair bit and it is a dangerous rd, i think its time the coucil do some line marking
  19. I doubt it will make much differance,a lot is bearly wide enough for 2 cars to pass,even in the program they said the car was a tyre wide to far across.People dont realise how far over,especaly big 4 bys can get in the corners.I am a crap speller,why do the think I was working out there on weekends.