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Crash/highway bars for a learner?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Tone2, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. I got a used Yamaha XVS650A Classic yesterday (see below) and will have my Learners after a visit to the RTA for the knowledge test tomorrow (hey, when you know what you want and the right opportunity comes up, why wait!). It came with V&H pipes, saddlebags, flame mirrors (which I'm swapping back for the originals) and chrome side covers instead of blue.

    I'm interested in getting crash bars, which I've also seen called highway bars. I can see that they provide protection and add some chrome for the cruiser. Is it a no-brainer for an inexperienced road rider? I've read that some people worry about (or have had) the bars hit the road on corners. Any recommendations on which ones to get or avoid?

    The only other mods I'm currently looking at are a removable windshield for longer trips, probably a mid-size; and maybe another seat as I have low back issues and I've read the stock one can feel a bit hard after a while in the seat. I'm sure there will be more mods later as the range of stuff you can get is amazing - you want it, you can get it in chrome!


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  2. I've got a set on my bike, it just made sense. I figured I'm most likely to drop it when I'm learning, and I can always take them off later. They look pretty good actually. I believe the most important thing crash bars are there to protect is the tank, so you could get a set like mine, which are wider at the top than at the bottom (can be seen in my My New Ride post). I've never had them hit the road, not that I've ever tried to get the knee down, and you won't either on a cruiser
  3. They're there for 3 reasons...
    1) in a low speed slide, they wear out instead of your engine.
    2) they're a good place to mount foreward 'highway' pegs.
    3) extra chrome

    I'm not a believer but I don't belittle the choices of others.
  4. Make sure you get a good pair that will protect everything at the front of the side of your bike in a crash, and won't bend easily. Most of them, you will most likely bend a shifter lever or mangle a brake pedal. Even worse, they're flimsy as hell and just bend back under pressure.
  5. I've crashed a Classic. I don't think crash bars would have helped that much. The parts of the bike that were damaged wouldn't have been protected anyway (front guard, indicators, levers, mirrors, bar ends, floorboards, exhaust, light). My tank got damaged by my boot as I flew off the bike.


    PS - I can't imagine a softer seat than the Classic! (the Custom seat is harder and smaller).
  6. they do serve a good purpose but they do look a bit shitty
  7. I've decided to get a set, especially while I'm on my L's and P's. Can always take them off later if I get over them.

    Thanks for the comments fellas!
  8. Hey - nice bike by the way. Same saddlebags and exhaust as mine.
  9. They're in my list of things to put immediatly on a cruiser, particularly if new to either riding or cruisers.

    Low speed or no-speed drops will be much more forgiving with them on.
  10. Ordered from the US, just got the wait ahead of me now.....
  11. Welcome to the Cruiser Club! What make/brand did you go for?
  12. Cobra Freeway Bars. I also ordered a switchblade windshield at the same time (for easy install/removal).
  13. niiice. Cobra's are what I have on my Boulevard.