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Crash data for specific models of bike?

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by Ingoes, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Is there data available that quantifies the number of collisions/injuries/deaths based on the model of bike? Down to the specific model, or number of CCs, or style, or manufacturer?

    I'd be more interested in Australian data, but other countries might be interesting as well.

    Anyone point me in the right direction?

  2. The insurance companies will have this in considerable detail but I doubt if they'd release it. Crash reporting and investigation in Australia is so abysmal that I wouldn't trust government figures for the detail.

    I believe studies in other countries have been done but my Google-fu is unlikely to be any better than yours.
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  4. My Google fu is pretty ave but yeah I wasn't trying to outsource a chore lol. Just figured if anyone looked at it ever then they could tell me where/how.

    Why wouldn't it be freely available? I understand insurance agencies not wanting to share theirs but wouldn't the public servants have their own?
  5. stuff like that would be really interesting.... i'd love to see some transparency relating to insurance cause a lot of it seems like a crock to me.
  6. My Google fu is deficient :(
  7. basically, no there's no real information. it's not even possible to get it by type (cruiser, scooter, sports bike etc.)
  8. I found a 2002 report from NSW. Interpretation of data rather than raw data - I'd rather have the data - I can draw my own conclusions

    250s and 600s way more represented than 300-500s and 1000s in insurance claims per registration. Interesting. That's the type of thing I was after but I was hoping for a little more detail...and more recent data
  9. As I understood it, the LAMS scheme was a response to over-representation of two-stroke hi-pow 250s like the RGV in crash deaths involving learners.

    How do they assess the success of the scheme without this type of data? How do they get away with not making it available?

    At any rate, thanks for replies...
  10. quick search turned up this:

    page 50 of the PDF (or there abouts) has some pretty pictures graphing engine capacity and some other stuff about brands too. check carefully the data set though as it looks to only be data from one insurance company and relates more to costs of payouts... but really I couldn't be faffed giving it a full look over.

    maybe some help and maybe not...
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  11. Seems there are more Honda bikes registered, yet you are more likely to come a buster on a Suzuki or Kawasaki especially 500-750 cc. Or at least you were between 1990 and 2000 in NSW...
  12. Cheers I'm pretty sure I've been perusing the follow up to that report