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Crash damaged/written off bikes - places to buy?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Damofo D.O.G., May 8, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy my first bike in Aus - just come over from the UK, and since prices are comparitively high here I am trying to save a bit of cash and get a damaged bike as a fixer (since I don't care about looks). But where to get them? Ebay is the obvious one, and there are some on there for sure, but I was wondering whether there are specialist dealers/auctioneers who do this sort of thing?

    Any help greatly appreciated - I'm in Brisbane, but not averse to buying on line if a place has a good rep etc etc.

    TIA peeps.
  2. Hey mate

    Keep an eye on http://www.streetfighters.com.au/, there's often projects bought and sold there.

    The one thing I'd encourage you to make sure is that you don't buy a bike that's been written off by an insurance company and sent to auction - all write-offs, as I understand it, need a VIV certificate which is effectively an engineering check - which is expensive and time-consuming

    Good luck. Streetfighters rule.
  3. And some of the bikes written off and at auction are called a "statutory write off" due to amount/type of damage, which you will NEVER be able to re-register. You might get a good engine out of one but you'll need a new frame and frame#/Vin#.
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  5. Try http://www.motorcycledisposals.com.au in Sydney.

    They seem to act as brokers for the insurance companies. I bought my cosmetically damaged BM through them, sight unseen, and ended up with an excellent bike for not much more than half book price. Bikes are sold on a "best offer" basis so there's no guarantee that you'll get your first choice, but if you're prepared to look at less popular machinery, they can, apparently, be quite flexible on price.

    I'd buy through them again.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I was looking at the motorcycle disposals site last night - does seem like a good place, will be keeping my eye on their stock.

    I'm after a twin like a Firestorm or SV really - although I'm notorious for changing my mind with no notice! Will keep tabs on these sites and Fleabay.
  7. I keep an eye on Mannheim Fowles (someone linked it above) - they often have very nice deals. Usually auction, so you'd have to go along and check it out and know what you were willing to pay. Know the distinction between a repairable write-off and a statutory write-off, and remember that you need to budget about $500 for inspections and such to get a repaired writeoff back on the road.
  8. Go to Sumoto, they'll be putting together thowwwsands right as we speak....
  9. Fowles auctions are great - they line the bikes up in various states of destruction, then they're just bid on until they're gone. Unfortunately a lot of bum bike dealers ramp up the price and make it unaffordable for almost everyone else, but sometimes if you can get one they're not interested in, it can be a steal.
  10. LOL +1 They might even sell you a 2008 cbr250rr!!!!