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Crash CD from the Expo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boz, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Didn't attend the expo

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  4. What Crash CD?

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  1. Personally I think the crash cd is great, but didn't buy it as I already had the movies downloaded (I had all the ones I saw anyways). However, if I did not have free net access at work I would have bought it. For $5 you could not beat the deal.

  2. you were out and having trouble burning them , so i told vic i would get one later , are they $5 still or $10 as the order form
  3. If you want one, tell me just before i see you next time and you can have it for $5. As john said, they are now sent as a parcel.
  4. Couldn't make the expo , worked Saturday and broke up with my partner Sunday . Was a kinda busy weekend .
  5. Yeah, I bought it. Real good value, and a great laugh!
    I'd certainly buy 'Volume 2'.
  6. That was Volume II that you bought.
    Last years expo was Volume I.
    I'm working on Volume III as we type :)

  7. How many vids are we talking?
  8. 102 Files
    8 Folders
  9. that's alot of crash! Wonder what the cumulative damage bill woulda been!...
  10. can you watch them on a xbox ?
  11. you can watch on a modded xbox... not that I know a thing about that...
  12. "Crash CD"

    Is the video formate VCD –SVCD or DVD?
    If the format is VCD or any other low quality format I can convert to DVD if anyone is interested!
  13. actually pc-cd, not vcd or dvd.
    However, rumour has is that next year's issue may very well come in those formats as well.
    Nothing has been confirmed as yet.
  14. Um what is this crash cd? Movies of bike crashes? I'd be interested in purchasing one just out of curiousity ...
  15. yeah, it's a collection of movies from the web. About 650MB's worth.
  16. It rocks :twisted: