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Crash Bars?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Tweetster, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. So, i've dropped the ZZR250 and could not pick it up by myself. My concern is, when I start riding the ZZR600, if I drop the bike and it falls on me, I will not be able to get it off and will get trapped (until help arrives).

    Would crash bars assist.. and if so, would they look totally out of place on the 600?? :-s
  2. According to who?
  3. depends if you get caught under the crash bars, imo when the bike starts to go give it a push and get out of it's way and let it fall....

    but yes they do look funny have a look at stunt bikes to get an idea on styles/how to build them, as i doubt they will be an off the self item
  4. My only problem with crash bars is that they can stick out further than the pegs, so if you get a good lean going you can find that they bite into the tarmac and lift the back wheel, triggering an instant lowside. (I discovered this the hard way on a Hornet 600 at HART one day.)
  5. Tweets, perhaps frame sliders can give you just a little more room for confidence ?

    Crash bars on a Zrrr would definitely "personalise" it though :-k

  6. Me, because the ZZR has fairings and a "sporty" ish look. Not sure where or how crash bars could be attached & what the overall look would be like.
  7. Hiya Chris!!,

    You mean those rubber stoppers?. Would they be as robust as crash bars?

    Yeah!, but "personalise" it in a good way??".... lol
  8. [​IMG]

    Just a suggestion :D
  9. There are various types of sliders available, admittedly aimed at saving the bike rather than you or me but they will certainly give a little additional clearance. Have a look at Fi next time and you'll be able to see what it does/does not give you.

    Oh god, watch what you suggest gsxxer .. some politician will think thats a good idea and make it law 8-[

  10. I had crash bars on my Bonnie for a while, they did look good,
    BUT, As you corner, you are looking at how far they are off the ground. can be quite scary as they stick out a long way and you are constantly looking at them.