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Crash and (Kevlar) Burn.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Woozie, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Well it finally happened. Car treated the stop sign as a mere incovenience and pulled out right in front of me. Ater slamming my brakes on I came off with the bike and, I'm told, did a rather impressive couple of rolls.

    The only thought rocketing around my head was "goddammit, not the bike!". I pulled myself up and asked the people helping me to move the bike while they looked at me strangely while I calmly walked off the road and faceplanted the curb...again.

    Car that stopped to help me was a nurse with a full first aid bag. Apparetly my first question was "hows the bike?". They ignored me and wanted to know if my back was alright, totally fubared priorities imho! hehe.

    Make the rambling shorter, fractured both sides of my wrsit badly and required a steel plate to hold them together. Little disapointed I didnt handle the breaking better, I think I flinched and glanced down expecting to smash into the front of the car so must have disrupted my balance.


    Eight weeks before I can ride again.:-({|=


    Hats off to my RJ helmet, 2 massive hits and not a single head injury or even headache.

    Leather jacket = it isnt even scratched (wtf?). No torso damage.

    Leather boots = badly scratched on one side, no foot damage.

    Gloves = bruised knuckles.

    Draggins = couple Kevlar burns, barely a scratche on the jeans.

    Other rider I met in the hospital wasnt wearing any gear. Didnt come out as well.
  2. Holy Crap! OMG! Bugger Bum Poop!

    Horrible to hear about your stack but have to say I'm incredibly thankful to hear that the grand total is a broken wrist (we can compare notes). I'm a +1 as far as Rjays helmets and Draggins are concerned as I'm convinced they played more than a minor part in ensuring that I'm here today.

    Best of luck with the healing and pleased that it hasn't put you off riding.
  3. Damn - glad you were wearing the gear!

    How did the bike fair?

    Heal up soon :)
  4. Did the car stop after pulling out?, have heard of them not stopping, or if no collision denying responsibility, heal well 1st and get your insurance straight on them quickly if you can
  5. Trust me on this one, if there's any insurance claims to be made, particularly if it relates to personal injury claims over $5000 you need to get the paperwork filled in & lodged not just ASAP but NOW!
    I won't go into detail (legals) but I know from my own situation that the company that you submit you Personal Injury Claim to has three months in which to make their decision, and they use every minute they can.
  6. Setting up the bike insurance now. Just waiting on a repairer to get back to me to transport the bike to their shop and send the insurers the quote. The tow truck took the damn bike to a Car smash repairer ](*,)

    Yeah the person has an opportunity to dispute the insurance claim as there was no actual collision. They have the police report and we are with the same insurer so should be "interesting".

    From second hand knowledge of people at the scene the bike damage is:

    *Badly bent handlebars, assuming mirrors as well
    *No foot pegs left (I was holding onto one I found as I got into the ambulance heh)
    *Rear brake pedal mangled
    *Gear pedal mangled

    No idea what chassis damage took place or internal damage till the repairers get a look.

    10% off my no claim bonus I accrued over five years of no accidents (car) though /sigh.
  7. You're still alive and kicking and that's all that matters. The rest is all replacable. If ride off there's an excuse there for you to upgrade.
  8. Have you filed a report with the cops? If not, do so.

    Be insistent you were not at fault

    If you are not found to be at fault, then you won't loose your NCB.
  9. If there was no collision is there a chance that the police may rule that OP was not in proper control of his bike and then charge the OP?

    Yes - there other driver failed to stop but I'm just thinking the police *may* look at it as a single vehicle accident.

    Just a really scary thought - that's all.
  10. there are road laws that should protect the OP in regards to this, I am sure when he/she talks to the cops, and his insurer that the details are sorted, if the OP is unhappy there are always people like Tramp that can help out.

    Hope it is all squared away for you mate.
  11. The constable did say the driver would be held at fault, maybe insurers just havent gone through the report yet.

    The tower who took the bike from the scene and dropped it at a car smash repairer is my latest target for bad thoughts. Bastards are charging me just short of $300.00 to allow a motorcycle tower to come in and move the bike to the place I bought the bike (who also do repairs etc). $300.00 seems bloody excessive for taking a bike from my area to Wyong, spose they are screwing me over for the "space" my little 250 took up in the yard while I was in hospital. The professional bike "rescuer" is only charging $60.00 at least.

    Insurer will cover first towing cost but between the womans attitude and the cost I almost lost my English calmness =P.

    Listening to the bike tower mention car ones usually damaging bikes didnt leave me feeling much better though. Sometimes it feels harder than its worth, why cant these things be easy and streamlined? :]
  12. If the bike cant stand up on its own, the car tower would have attached a winch to it and dragged it up onto the tray. That is what I saw when i witnessed a horrid bike accident in which the front was completly ripped away from the rest of the bike. Even though that bike was pretty mangled, it still hurt to see it being dragged along the ground and then along the tray.

    They may have done that with yours...

    Oh and it cost around $400 to get my bike transported 2000km accross australia. $300 for a few km's seems pretty steep.